Japanese-Language Education Overseas [Language]

The Japan Foundation works to create and enhance Japanese-language education environments worldwide in order to give more people around the world opportunities to study Japanese. It also coordinates with governments and educational institutions in a variety of countries and regions to provide effective support aimed at meeting local needs.

Learn Japanese-Language

  • Learning Materials
  • JF Language Course
  • Training Programs
  • Message for Japanese Language Learners
  • Study or Work in Japan
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Teach Japanese-Language

  • JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education
  • Grant Program for Japanese-Language Education Activities
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Take Japanese-Language Test

  • Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
  • The Japan Foundation Test for Basic Japanese (JFT-Basic)
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Know about Japanese-Language Education Abroad

  • Survey on Japanese-Language Education Abroad
  • The JF Nihongo Network
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The Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa

  • Specialized institution that offers comprehensive support for Japanese-language teachers overseas
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The Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai

  • Educational institution to support Japanese-language learners overseas
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Japanese-Language Programs for Foreign Specified Skilled Worker Candidates

  • Implementation of the Japan Foundation Test for Basic Japanese (JFT-Basic)
  • Training for Local Japanese-Language Teachers
  • Support for Activities of Local Japanese Language Educational Institution
  • Development and Public Dissemination of the JF Can-do for Life in Japan, Teaching Materials, etc.
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Japanese Language Education for Japanese Children Resident Overseas and for the Descendants of Migrants

  • Project Report
  • Initiatives and Notices Concerning Japanese Language Educational Institutions and Associated Organizations in Each Country and Region
  • Educational Resources and Teaching Materials
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