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STAGE BEYOND BORDERS-Selection of Japanese Performances

The Japan Foundation (JF) has been running the “Stage Beyond Borders - Selection of Japanese Performances -” project since February 2021. The aim is to bring outstanding Japanese performances to a wider audience through online distribution. The project has garnered global acclaim, accumulating 18 million views from 137 countries since its launching.
So far, a total of 117 performances have been distributed online with multilingual subtitles, covering a wide range of genres from contemporary theater to dance, traditional performing arts, and music. Now, we are pleased to announce a new schedule of 49 performances for distribution, including the re-release of previously streamed productions.

Thirty-one of these performances were once released in partnership with General Incorporated Association Eternal Performing Arts Archives and Digital Theatre (EPAD) in 2021, and are reintegrated to the line-up due to popular demand, such as Twilight by Ishinha, Red Demon at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (written and directed by NODA Hideki), and Romeo OR Juliet by Nibroll. There will also be 11 new performances released in partnership with EPAD, such as THE OBELISK OF THE BEAST by Ikiume.
JF is also planning to distribute performances from the concerts held overseas in 2023 to commemorate 50 years of ASEAN-Japan friendship and cooperation (featuring MIKAGE PROJECT, ITO Kashitaro, and CHAI), as well as SHIBUYA Keiichiro’s Android Opera® “MIRROR,” which was selected by the International Creations in Performing Arts Program. These broadcasts are designed to bring the immersive atmosphere of the live performances, including behind-the-scenes footage, so that even those who were unable to attend the show could live the experience. Each performance will feature multilingual subtitles in around five languages and will be available on the Japan Foundation’s official YouTube channel without cost.

Project title
STAGE BEYOND BORDERS-Selection of Japanese Performances
:The Japan Foundation (JF)
Broadcast by
The Japan Foundation (JF) official YouTube channel
:English, French, Spanish, Korean, Thai, Lao, etc.
Project schedule
Release date Artist/ Title of performance Subtitle languages
January 19 Kitamari / KIKIKIKIKIKI ”NOCTURNE FOR THE OLD FLOWER” English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese
Newcomer “H” Sokerissa! ”2021-2022 Festival of the Body on the Road H! - Newcomer “H” Sokerissa! Yokohama / Tokyo Road Dance Tour”
Mi-Mi-Bi from DANCE BOX “A Documentary by Mi-Mi-Bi: New Words”
Nagamekurasitsu “Leave the heart behind” -
January 26 yashago “Can't Stand Me Now” English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese
Theatre Company Awai “Drifting -An adaptation of the Noh play 'Sumidagawa'”
Produced by Toyohashi Arts Thetre PLAT “Areno”
Takaha Gekidan “The Good-Story Murders”
Knit Cap Theater “Curry and the Villagers”
EPOCH MAN “Aurelian Siblings” English, French, Spanish
February 2
KASAI Akira / NPO Kaibunsha “Dance by KASAI Akira x Piano by TAKAHASHI Yuji “Crystal labyrinth”” -
Nibroll “Romeo OR Juliet” English, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese
Monochrome Circus “The Green Table” -
Port B / Akira Takayama “TOKYO / OLYMPIC” English, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese
HORI KIKAKU “The Water Station” by OTA Shogo -
Cigare sisters “Oyasumanasai - Good Night But Don't Fall Asleep” English, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, German, Japanese
ISHINHA “Twilight” English, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese
LOLO “Itsukou Series vol. 7 “I Can’t Hibernate With Books as a Pillow””
Tokyo Theatre DōJō “Red Demon” by NODA Hideki
FUJIMOTO Akiko “17th Fujimoto Akiko Concert”
FUTOME Performance “Sento”

February 9(Re-release)

YAMADA Un Co. “COSMOS” English, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese
Nitosha “The Air Ver. 3: And He Left...”
Theater Collective HANCHU-YUEI “I can’t die without being born” English, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese
MONO “SOUTAITEKI UKIYOE” English, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese
KITAMURA Akiko “Echoes of Calling” -
Kioi Hall / NIPPON STEEL Arts Foundation “Kanjinchō” English, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese
Kioi Hall / NIPPON STEEL Arts Foundation “Genroku-fū Hanami Odori / Shunkyō Kagami Jishi”
OiBokkeShi “Happy Song”
Watanabe Genshiro Shoten “Dontoyuke (Don't you kill?)”
The NIHONBUYO Association “Bolero~The Legend of Anchin and Kiyohime~”
Moonlight Mobile Theater “Peeping Garden / re:creation”
Memento C “The Pacific Refreshment Room”
Saitama Gold Theatre “Billows of Pale Pink”
Iaku “Stitchers”
Unrato “The Dressing Room - That Which Flows Away Ultimately Becomes Nostalgia” by SHIMIZU Kunio
DAZZLE “Misty Mansion”
YAMADA Yuri / ZEITAKU BINBOU “I'm Trying to Understand You, But”
Seinendan International Theater Exchange Project 2019 “Tokyo Notes International version”
February 16 Shibuya Keiichiro’s Android Opera ‘MIRROR’ (for Paris 2023) English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese
February 22 ISHIGAMI Natsuki & Nuttamon PRAMSUMRAN “Whispering Blue – I heard your voice from the back of a blue car” English, Thai, Chinese, Japanese
March 1

SHIRAGA Momoko & Lattanakone INSISIENGMAY “Asian Object Theater Work-In-Progress : Laos-Japan Collaboration among Deaf and Hearing Performers”

English, French, Lao, Korean, Japanese
March 8 Wichaya Artamat “Juggle & Hide (Seven Whatchamacallits in Search of a Director)” English, French, German, Thai, Japanese
March 15 MIKAGE PROJECT ASEAN Tour in Thailand and Malaysia(Japanese traditional folk song) English, Spanish, Thai, Malay, Japanese
March 22 Ito Kashitaro ASEAN Tour in the Philippines and Vietnam(Anime songs and J-pop) English, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese
March 29

CHAI “NEO KAWAII NIGHT in Laos and Cambodia”(Rock and pop)

English, Spanish, Lao, Khmer, Japanese
  1. 1.The above is the planned list as of January 2024. Changes may be made to the date of distribution, artists, subtitles, etc. at a later date.
  2. 2.Some dance performances do not have subtitles. Chinese subtitles are available in both simplified and traditional Chinese.
  3. 3.Subtitles of languages other than English may be added after the release date due to production reasons.
  4. 4.The viewing period differs depending on the title. Please check the above website for specific dates.

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