About the Japan Foundation

The Japan Foundation is Japan’s only Institution dedicated to carrying out comprehensive international cultural exchange programs throughout the world.


“Cultivating friendship and ties between Japan and the world”

Through “Culture”, “Language” and “Dialogue,” we create opportunities to foster friendship, trust and mutual understanding.


JF Logo

The logo is a combination of the letters, “j” and “f”. By using a writing style instead of a typographic style, we show our attitude as a flexible and friendly sender of culture.
The center of the butterfly-like form is Japan. The soft form that emerges from and returns to the center expresses the cyclical nature of our wish to deliver Japanese culture to all corners of the world, and to convey to Japan the diverse cultures of the world.

Introductory Video

Link to the introduction video page of JF.
Click to view the Japan Foundation’s introductory video on YouTube. (30seconds)

Annual Report

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Email. jf-toiawase@jpf.go.jp
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