Training Programs

Training Programs for Teachers of the Japanese Language

The Institute invites Japanese-language teachers from all levels of education (primary, secondary, and higher education) to general language schools (for adults and young children), to attend training programs on the Japanese language, and teaching methods as well as current topics in Japan, with the hope of strengthening the education in the Japanese language overseas. The application deadline for the programs is November 30, 2023 (Thu.).

Information about application for fiscal year 2024 is available now.

Download Application Instructions / Forms: Japanese-Language Education Overseas [Language]

For reference: The Japan Foundation Program Guidelines for Fiscal Year 2024 (PDF:1.79MB)

Prospective applicants should submit their applications through the Online Application Portal: Online Application Portal (Login)

* Online Training Program for Teachers of the Japanese Language, conducted in FY 2021-2023, will not be conducted in FY 2024. Instead of the Online Training Program for Teachers of the Japanese Language, we are opening the Online Self-Study Course on the platform “JF Japanese e-Learning Minato” (starting in FY 2023; eight themes in total will be opened sequentially). The on-demand teaching materials used in the Online Self-Study Course will also be uploaded on the JFJLI, Urawa website.

JF Japanese e-Learning Minato website:

Training Programs