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photo of Yuichi Sunakawa The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa, is a training facility of the Japan Foundation, and it was established in July 1989 in Urawa City (present Saitama City) in Saitama Prefecture Our institute engages in two main operations. One is the training and educational programs for Japanese-language teachers overseas. The other is research and development of teaching materials and teaching methodology to enhance Japanese-language education. We have a special library for Japanese-language education. The library contains and offers not only Japanese-language textbooks and educational materials, but also materials and information on such topics as Japanese-language education, Japanese literature, linguistics, various topics of Japan, Japanese cultural studies, and foreign-language education. These materials are for supporting the activities of the institute and responding to the needs of many researchers, teachers, and learners. The library is open to the public as well as to anyone related to Japanese-language education. Whether in Japan or abroad, learners and teachers of the Japanese language or culture have their own reasons and motives for studying or teaching. Their purposes and environments of teaching/learning vary a great deal. We believe that it is important for us to respond to those individual needs by developing educational materials or basic ideas and offering a variety of teachers’ training programs. Japanese-language education is not only made up of the education of the Japanese language, but also involves various aspects of Japanese society and Japanese culture. Mutual understanding cannot be fulfilled just by words, nor by a superficial understanding. It requires a cultural understanding of the social meaning and significance, as well as attitudes, to accept differences between ourselves and others. Our institute will promote programs and activities while deepening collaboration and cooperation with local governments, community groups, concerned agencies, and diverse people who are involved in the fields of Japanese-language learning and education around the world. We wish to develop substantial human resources who have linguistic, social, and cultural talents in order to promote mutual understanding in international society. We appreciate your continued cooperation and support.

April 2018
Yuichi Sunakawa
Executive Director
The Japan Foundation
Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa

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