List of Fellows in 2016: The Americas

The Americas

State/Region Name Current Position Area of Research Project Title Affiliation in Japan
(※Not necessary for short-term fellowship)
Canada GHADIMI, Amin PhD Candidate, Harvard University Japanese History The Second Meiji Revolution: Democracy and the Japanese Empire, 1873-1890 The University of Tokyo
Canada MOSTOW, Joshua Scott Professor, University of British Columbia Pre-modern Literature and Visual Culture The Hundred Poets and Early-Modern Literary Literacy Gakushuin University
Canada PONTSIOEN, Robert Gerard Researcher and Project Coordinator, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution Cultural Anthropology Strategies for Cultural Heritage Preservation: Traditional Craft Practice and Promotion in Tokyo University of Tsukuba
Canada ROWE, Mark Michael Associate Professor, McMaster University Japanese Buddhism Female Buddhist Priests in Contemporary Japan ※ Short-term
U.S.A. BENNETT, Steffani Michelle PhD Candidate, Harvard University Art History The China Years: Sesshu Toyo and Ming Painting Gakushuin University
U.S.A. BRIDGES, William Henry, IV Assistant Professor, The University of California, Irvine Literature Playing in the Shadows: Fictions of Race and Blackness in Japanese Literature (1945 - Present) Seinan Gakuin University
U.S.A. BURGE, Marjorie Grace PhD Candidate, University of California, Berkeley Literature Lettered Culture in Korea's Three Kingdoms and the Beginnings of Literature in Silla and Japan Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties
U.S.A. DELGATY, Aaron Christopher PhD Candidate, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Anthropology and Archaeology Vibrant Spirits: Brewing Landscapes and Lives in Okinawa Waseda University
U.S.A. FREEDMAN, Alisa Diane Associate Professor, University of Oregon Cultural studies The Forgotten Story of Japanese Women Who Studied in the United States, 1949-1966 Waseda University
U.S.A. GAINTY, Denis Charles Associate Professor, Georgia State University History Grafted Traditions: Bluegrass Music in Japan, 1945-1995 ※ Short-term
U.S.A. HASEGAWA, Atsushi Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky Language and Linguistics Language Lives of Short-Term Study Abroad Sojourners in Japan: Language Socialization Perspective ※ Short-term
U.S.A. HORIGUCHI, Noriko Jane Associate Professor, University of Tennessee Literature Devouring Empire: Food Narratives and Memories in Modern Japan Kyoto University
U.S.A. JASNY, Aaron Paul PhD Candidate, Washington University in Saint Louis Literature Mountains and Men: Kojima Usui and the Ecology of Japanese Mountain Literature The University of Tokyo
U.S.A. JONES, Meghen Maria Assistant Professor, Alfred University Art History The Tea Bowl in Japan and Beyond International Research Center for Japanese Studies
U.S.A. KOIKE, Evan Teruo PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia Anthropology and Archaeology Caring and Compassion in Japanese Men: The Expansion of Japanese Masculinities Sophia University
U.S.A. KUSHELL, Michael George PhD Candidate, Harvard University Music The Poetics and Politics of Japan's Regional Kabuki Theater: Place, Self, and Performance Aichi Prefectural University
U.S.A. LEE, Alex Chang PhD Candidate, University of California, Irvine Political Science/Economy The Nuclear Policy/Posture of Japan Before and After the Fukushima Nuclear Incident (3/11): Analysis of each Stakeholder of Japan's Nuclear Policy Decision Making Process The University of Tokyo
U.S.A. NAKAYAMA, Yuki PhD Candidate, University of Michigan Communications (Film and TV) Entertaining with Information: Japanese Variety Programs, Education, and Japanese Society in 1980s and 1990s The University of Tokyo
U.S.A. OKUYAMA, Yoshiko Associate Professor, University of Hawaii at Hilo Other Disability in Manga: Semiotics of Alterity in Japanese Graphic Novels Kokugakuin University
U.S.A. PAREDES, Alyssa PhD Candidate, Yale University Anthropology and Archaeology Japanese Consumer Cooperatives and the Making of a “People's Economy” in the Asia-Pacific Kyoto University
U.S.A. PARK, Kang Hoon Professor, Southeast Missouri State University Economics Have Bank Mergers Improved Efficiency, Competition and Stability in the Japanese Banking Market? ※ Short-term
U.S.A. PRICHARD, Franz Kristopher Assistant Professor, Princeton University Literature The Overflow of Photography: Takuma Nakahira, Kishin Shinoyama and the De/Territorialization of Japanese Culture, 1973-1983 Meiji University
U.S.A. QUINTER, David Ralph Assistant Professor, University of Alberta (Canada) Philosophy and Religion Eison and Devotional Cults in Medieval Nara Buddhism The University of Tokyo
U.S.A. SEIFMAN, Travis PhD Candidate, University of California, Santa Barbara History Performing Luchu: Identity Performance in Luchuan Embassy Missions to Early Modern Japan University of the Ryukyus
U.S.A. STARLING, Jessica Dawn Assistant Professor, Lewis & Clark College Philosophy and Religion Buddhist Women's Associations and the Production of Religious Literature for Women (fujin kyoke) in Modern Japan ※ Short-term
U.S.A. TAMANOI, Mariko Professor, University of California, Los Angeles Anthropology and Archaeology Children Divided: War Orphans in the Japanese Empire (tentative title) ※ Short-term
U.S.A. WELLS, Richard Evan PhD Candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison History The Manchurian Bean: Japanese Involvement in Northeast China's Soybean Trade, 1895-1945 Waseda University
U.S.A. WILSON, Justin Jack Robert PhD Candidate, University of California, Los Angeles History Utopian Visions, Apocalyptic Anxieties: History, Politics and Language in Japanese Thought 1930 - 1960 Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
U.S.A. YASUDA, Anri Assistant Professor, The George Washington University Literature Aesthetics, Ekphrasis, Cosmopolitanism: Visual Art in Modern Japanese Literature, 1900s-1920s Waseda University
Cuba PEREZ VILLANUEVA, Omar Everleny Professor, University of Havana Economy Experiences of the Exports and Investments Japanese: Lessons for Cuba Keio University
Mexico MANDUJANO SALAZAR, Yunuen Ysela National Researcher, Mexican National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) Japanese Media and Culture Towards Tokyo 2020: Media Imagery Constructions on Foreigners and the Impact on Japanese People's Perceptions of non-Japanese The University of Tokyo
Chile IACOBELLI DELPIANO, Pedro Assistant Professor, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile History of Japan-Latin American Relations Chile and Japan: From Neutrality to the Break of Diplomatic Relations, 1941-1943 Waseda University
Brazil LIMA FILHO, Jose Floriano Special Reporter and Editor, Radio Senado Global Political Economy The Dragon's Leap - Japanese ODA and China's Development The University of Tokyo
Brazil MAYUMI, Lia Conservation Architect, Department of Historic Heritage, Sao Paulo City Conservation and Management of Historic Built Heritage Conservation and Management of Cultural Properties: Understanding the Japanese 'Cultural Landscapes' ※ Short-term
Brazil SAITO, Cecilia Noriko Ito Researcher, Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo Communication and Semiotics Experiencing Images in Japanese Visual Culture ※ Short-term

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