List of Fellows in 2016: Europe


State/Region Name Current Position Area of Research Project Title Affiliation in Japan
(※Not necessary for short-term fellowship)
France VEILLON, Charlène Christine Visiting Researcher, Pantheon-Sorbonne University Japanese Contemporary Art Japanese Art and March 11, 2011: Specificities, Legacies, and Perspectives. Relations between Disaster and Creation Musashi University
Germany GRIESER, Michael PhD Candidate, University of Munich Japanese Studies Urban Ethics: Tokyo Towards a Slow City? Strategies and Initiatives Aimed at Slowing Urban Contexts of Life Waseda University
Germany KOLODZIEJ, Magdalena Patrycja PhD Candidate, Duke University Japanese Modern Art Empire at the Exhibition: The Imperial Art World of Modern Japan (1907-1937) Waseda University
Germany ZSCHAUER, Anna PhD Candidate, University of Hildesheim Philosophy, Aesthetics Japaneseness from Aesthetics. Delimiting Cultures while Unlimiting the Beautiful The University of Tokyo
Italy COVATTA, Alice Teaching Assistant, Tutoring Lecturing and Freelance Architect, University of Udine Architect and Urban Design Tokyo Playground: Play as a Potential Device for Japanese Architectural Design between Everyday Experiences and the 2020 Olympic Event Keio University
Italy PAPPALARDO, Giuseppe Adjunct Professor, Ca' Foscari University of Venice Linguistics, Phonetics Experimental Analysis of Phonetic Features of Contemporary Japanese Using Speech Corpus National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics
Netherlands VAN OMMEN, Mattias Raoul Dores PhD Candidate, University of Hawaii at Manoa Cultural Anthropology Living Fantasy Worlds: Video Game Culture in Contemporary Japan Sophia University
Netherlands VAN SWET, Floris Pieter PhD Candidate, Harvard University Japanese/East Asian History Ronin in Japan and Beyond: Social Dislocation and Unemployment in the Wake of Japanese Unification Sophia University
Spain LOPEZ ARANGUREN, Juan Luis Affiliated Researcher, University of Navarra International Relations Communication, Democracy and Policy-making in Japan: A Study on the Role of the International Communication in Japanese Social Cohesion and in the Government's Social Endorsement International University of Japan
Switzerland GILGEN, Nora PhD Candidate, University of Zurich Social Science of Japan A Study of Cooperation Strategies and Conflicts in Labor Market Integration-Networks for Persons with Disabilities with a Focus on Regular Companies and “Special Subsidiary Companies” Keiai University
U.K. EPSTEIN, Benjamin Rudy PhD Candidate, University of London Anthropology Disaster Mental Health in Japan: Anthropological Perspectives Tohoku University
U.K. PHILLIPS, Nathalie PhD Candidate, University of Edinburgh Heian Period, Literature, Beliefs, Thought, Religion The Epistemological Significance of Meta-physical Beliefs within the Socio-political Context of Heian Japan International Research Center for Japanese Studies
U.K. WIJEYERATNE, Nissanka Subodhana PhD Candidate, Harvard University History of Japan Red Sun Rising: Rocketry, Space Research, and Building Modernity in Japan, 1935-2003 The University of Tokyo
Armenia MARGARYAN, Gayane Sargis Doctor of Arts, Russian - Armenian (Slavonic) University Art History Tutorial for Culture and Art of Japan (for students of RA(S)U) Kyoto University
Czech MIKEŠ, Marek PhD Candidate, Charles University Edo Period Literature Research of Paraphrases of The Tale of Genji in Edo Period Popular Literature Ritsumeikan University
Czech SÝKORA, Jan Deputy Director of the IEAS, Charles University Director of Japanese Studies Economic and Social History of Japan, Japanese Intellectual The Making of Consumer Society in the Meiji and Taisho Period Osaka University
Hungary KOPPER, Ákos Head of Department, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) International Relations Building Fences - A Comparative Study of Immigration and Security Kobe University
Kazakhstan SAUDANBEKOVA, Shynar Teacher of Japanese and Japan Culture, Al-Faraby Kazakh National University Oriental Studies General and Specific in the Traditional Culture of Kazakh and Japanese: Customs, Rites, and Rituals Waseda University
Lithuania STRELCOVAS, Simonas Associate Professor, Head of Research Center, Šiauliai University History; Social History The Phenomena of Past and Memory. Chiune Sugihara Activity in Lithuania 1939-1940 Meijo University
Poland PIETROW, Jarosław Andrzej Associate Professor, University of Warsaw Japanese Linguistics Grammaticalizations in the Japanese Syntactic System Seen from a Contrastive Perspective Including Polish and English The University of Tokyo
Russia EGOROVA, Anna Researcher, Youth Educational Center Oriental Section Curator, The State Hermitage Museum Art History XXth century Japanese Ceramics: Modern Eye to the Traditional Art ※ Short-term
Russia KOBZAR, Ekaterina Post-graduate Student, Saint Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences Art History Aesthetic Aspects of Ancient Japanese Pottery The University of Tokyo
Russia STRELTSOV, Dmitry Viktorovich Head of Department of Afro-Asian Studies and Professor, Moscow State Institute of International Relations(MGIMO-University) The Political System and Diplomacy of Contemporary Japan Japanese Party Politics in Historical Transformation University of Niigata Prefecture
Ukraine GERASKOV, Sergii Head of Department, Donetsk National Technical University Philosophy and Religion Studies Ukraine Image in Contemporary Japan: Forming Factors Kwansei Gakuin University

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