List of Fellows in 2016: Middle East and Africa

Middle East and Africa

State/Region Name Current Position Area of Research Project Title Affiliation in Japan
(※Not necessary for short-term fellowship)
Egypt MANSOUR, Nermeen Ezz Eldin Abdel Hameed PhD Candidate, Cairo University Modern Japanese Thought Educational Thought in Modern Japan and its Influence on the Japanese Identity Keio University
Iran SAMINI, Naghmeh Assistant Professor, University of Tehran Theatre, Cinema, Creative Writing Female Body in the Classical Japan Cinema Tokyo University of the Arts
Israel GOVREEN, Yiftach Raphael PhD Candidate, Hebrew University of Jerusalem International Relations Japan, U.S. and Networks of Security : Transnational Policy Networks in Bilateral Security Treaties The University of Tokyo
Turkey SICIM KAPLAN, Emine Research Assistant, Ankara University Japanese History Japan's South Advance within the Scope of Great Asianism and Japan's Southeast Policy before the Second World War Waseda University
Madagascar RATSIMBAZAFY EP. RAKOTOSALAMA, Hantanirina Lydie Technical Advisory Member, Cultural Center of Environmental Education Health and Environment Issue Japanese Youth and Ecology: Commitment to the Environmental Issue in Japan. Comparative Study to Enrich Management Strategy in Madagascar The University of Tokyo

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