CULCON established by agreement between Prime Minister IKEDA Hayato and President John F. Kennedy
January 1962
1st Plenary Session held in Tokyo
1st Plenary Session【PDF:119KB】
November 1968
CULCON codified as bi-national governmental advisory organization
CULCON Codification【PDF:241KB】
Japan Foundation established as special corporation under Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Japan-United States Friendship Commission (JUSFC) established as US federal government agency
February 1977
CULCON policy amendment signed by Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs USHIDA Nobuhiko and Ambassador U. Alexis Johnson
CULCON Amendment【PDF:150KB】
April 1991
CGP (Center for Global Partnership) established as division of Japan Foundation
At 15th Plenary Session, proposal submitted to strengthen function of CULCON
July 1991
  • ・Japan Secretariat transferred from Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Regional Coordination Division, General Affairs Department, Japan Foundation
  • ・MIYAO Shunsuke appointed Japan Secretary General
  • ・US Secretariat transferred from United States Information Agency (USIA) to Japan-US Friendship Fund (JUSFC)
  • ・Eric Ganglov appointed Secretary General of CULCON US
US Secretariat registered as US-Japan Bridging Foundation 501 (c) 3
April 2005
OGO Hayato appointed Secretary General of Japan CULCON
July 2006
22nd Joint Conference issues joint statement agreeing to rebuild structure and function of CULCON
January 2007
Japan Secretariat transferred to Japan Foundation’s Center for Global Partnership (CGP)
OKAIDO Norio appointed Executive Director of Japan CULCON Secretariat
April 2007
"Intensifying Intellectual Exchange" and "Activating CULCON" missions adopted at Japan-US Summit Meeting
June 2008
"Redefinition of US-Japan Relations" mission adopted at 23rd Joint Meeting; subcommittee created
January 2017
ITO Misako appointed as Secretary General of Japan CULCON
June 22, 2021

CULCON’s 60th Anniversary

CULCON on our 60th Anniversary message from Former Prime Minister ABE Shinzo

photo of message from Former Prime Minister ABE click to link to youtube page

Former Prime Minister ABE Shinzo congratulates CULCON on our 60th anniversary
CULCON’s 60th Anniversary message from Former Prime Minister ABE Shinzo

September 7, 2021

CULCON 60th Anniversary Video released

CULCON at 60
CULCON 60th Anniversary Video

photo of CULCON 60th Anniversary Video click to link to youtube page

In this celebratory video, CULCON retraces its footsteps from 1961 to the present. Both the Japan and US Chairs, as well as other esteemed members, talk about the important role our organization has played in the Japan-US alliance since its establishment, and how we intend to help further deepen relations in the future.
(Approximately 10 minutes. Japanese and English.)