Next Gen TF’s Most Recent Recommendations

In order to nurture the next generation leader in various areas, beyond sustaining existing exchange opportunities, the The Next Generation Task Force(Next Gen TF )believes there is a need to build new and innovative networks to capture the evolution in professional pathways as the U.S.-Japan partnership constantly evolves. All of these efforts to support the next generation require the financial support of public and private institutions that benefit from and support the U.S.-Japan partnership, and the Task Force agreed it will be important to continue to identify new sources of funding by creating linkages between industry and education, and building public-private partnerships.

The Task Force has identified tangible recommendations in three categories:

1. Cultivate the study of Japan in the United States and cultivate the study of the United States in Japan;
2. Explore emerging areas of U.S.-Japan collaboration; and
3. Energize networks and build institutions and platforms for collaboration.
The Task Force hopes to provide a menu of opportunity for those individuals and institutions that can help younger professionals sustain their interest and their careers through U.S.-Japan collaboration. The Task Force supports the creation of a center to utilize the expertise of emerging scholars. The Task Force will issue a final report in Fall 2018. The Task Force will continue its dialog until the next Plenary Session to explore ways to implement its recommendations.第28回カルコン合同会議共同声明より抜粋【PDF:322KB】

Next Generation Task Force’s Most Recent Recommendations

Next Generation Task Force Final Report 【PDF:1.10MB】

About Next Generation Task Force

1. Next Generation Task Force’s Objectives

The Task Force is intended to submit an Interim Report, including specific measures on rebuilding the network of people responsible for the US-Japan relationship and cultivating the next generation of leaders, and seek the adoption of the recommendations in this report. As part of these activities, the Task Force will help to planning and implementing events in 2017.
The task force will continue with dialogues through the next joint meeting (2020) to identify measures for the implementation of these recommendations.

2.Next Gen Task Force Members:

Members in Japan

  • Fumiaki Kubo (Professor at the Graduate Schools for Law and Politics of the University of Tokyo)
  • Naoyuki Agawa (Distinguished Visiting Professor of Doshisha University)
  • Yoshio Okawara (Board member, Japan Center for International Exchange)
  • Junichi Chano (Chair, Executive Director of the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership)
  • Hiroshi Yamakawa (President, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency [JAXA])
  • Junko Tanaka (Head of Global Strategy Division, NHK World Department)
  • Mitsuko Shino (CULCON [government] panelist, Director-General for Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Mami Oyama (Director-General for International Affairs, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

Members in the US

  • Dr. Sheila Smith (Senior Fellow for Japan Studies, Council on Foreign Relations)
  • Dr. Patricia Maclachlan (Associate Professor of Government and Asian Studies, University of Texas)
  • T.J. Pempel (Chair, Professor of Political Science in U.C. Berkeley’s Department of Political Science)
  • Susan Morita (partner at Arnold & Porter LLP)
  • James Condo (co-founder of Silicon Valley Japan Platform)
  • Danny Meza (Assistant to Congressman Joaquin Castro)
  • Chuck Jones (President, Lockheed Martin Japan)
  • Dava Newman (Professor at MIT and former NASA deputy director)

3. Background of Establishment

At the joint meeting at CULCON XXVII held on June 17, 2017, Japan and the US agreed to establish the Next Generation Task Force based on the report and recommendations of the Joint Ad Hoc Steering Committee (ASC), and did so in the same year.

4. Activities to Date

September 2015
Agreement between US and Japan to establish ASC
June 2016
ASC Report released in Japanese【PDF:233KB】 and English【PDF:775KB】 to the US-Japan joint meeting at CULCON XXVII in Tokyo
Next Generation Task Force established
October 2016
Retreat meeting for Japan members
March 2017
Retreat meeting for Japan members
May 2017
JCIE’s Final Report on Japan-US Exchange Mapping Survey submitted
August 2017
Japan members meet, US members meet
October 2017
First US-Japan joint meeting of Next Generation Task Force in Tokyo at the International House of Japan CULCON Next Generation Task Force and Forum in Tokyo
December 2017
Meeting for Japan members in Tokyo
March 2018
Workshop for US members in Washington, D.C.
June 2018
Next Generation Task Force Recommendations and Executive Summary submitted at joint US-Japan meeting at CULCON XXVIII in Washington, D.C
Provisional Japanese translation【PDF:575KB】, English textExternal link
September 2018
Japan members meet
December 2018
Workshop for US members in Washington, D.C.
June 2019
Agenda related to Next Generation Task Force to be carried out at CULCON symposium in Austen, Texas

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