The Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai

The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai was established in May 1997 as a Japanese-language training facility providing support to Japanese-language learners from overseas.

Foreign service officers, public officials, and Japan specialists are invited to the Institute from various countries to receive training in specialized Japanese that is useful for their work duties and research. The Institute also conducts short-term study programs, in which the Japan Foundation invites learners to visit Japan as a means of encouraging motivated learners in their study of the Japanese language.

Furthermore, the Institute develops e-learning materials such as online Japanese courses, Japanese learning websites and apps based on the know-how it acquires through the training programs.

To promote international exchanges, the Institute cooperates with local public entities and non-profit organizations to arrange opportunities for program participants and local people to interact and engage in activities and projects together.

Moreover, the Institute promotes e-learning material, such as online Japanese courses, websites, and apps for Japanese-language learners.

Overview of the Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai

1. Name

Japan Foundation, Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai

2. Representative

Executive Director: Mr. HOSHINO Toshiya

3. Address

3-14 Rinku-Port-Kita Tajiri-Cho, Sennan-Gun, Osaka, 598-0093
TEL: +81-(0)72-490-2600 FAX: +81-(0)72-490-2800
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4. Date of Establishment

May 1997

5. Main Activities

  • Japanese-Language Training Programs for Specialists
  • Japanese-Language Training Programs for Students
  • Training Services
  • e-Learning development
  • Teaching material development
  • Local Exchange Program

Japanese-Language Programs

Participants in Japanese-language programs at the Institute vary greatly in their nationalities, mother tongues, motivation to study the Japanese language, professional goals, and fields of concern. In response to the diverse needs of the program participants, the Institute encourages them to take an initiative in daily studying, helping them with a moderate-sized library and well-equipped self-study room, offering tutoring, so that they can achieve their goals more effectively. Taking advantage of the "residential" programs we offer, the Institute provides participants with opportunities to be involved in exchange activities with local community members. In addition, the participants are able to gain a better understanding of the country, by attending lectures on Japan's society and culture, as well as taking part in "out-of-class" activities carefully articulated with language courses.


The Library has a wide range collection on Japanese society and culture to help the participants study.

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