The Japan Foundation's Social Media Policy

The Japan Foundation's Social Media Policy


The Japan Foundation is a specialized organization that carries out comprehensive international cultural exchange programs across the globe. The Japan Foundation offers opportunities for people to interact through various projects and by providing information in order to increase the world and Japan's understanding of each other.
Today, the entire world interacts freely across national borders through social media such as Twitter and blogs.
The Japan Foundation believes that now is the best opportunity to promote its programs more effectively. The Japan Foundation will actively utilize social media, using this Policy as a basis.

List of the Japan Foundation's Official Accounts

Please visit here for a list of social media accounts operated by the Japan Foundation (the "Foundation's Official Accounts") and note that any social media account not included in this list is not operated by the Japan Foundation, even if it uses the name "the Japan Foundation."

Operation of the Japan Foundation's Official Accounts

  • Please see our website and press releases for official announcements by the Japan Foundation.
  • Any comment received will be read, and used as reference to improve the Foundation's future activities. Please note that we cannot reply to all comments for operational reasons. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact the Japan Foundation Communication Center in Tokyo (Tel: +81-3-5369-6075) or overseas offices of the Japan Foundation.

Use of the Japan Foundation's Official Accounts

The Foundation's Official Accounts managed by the Japan Foundation are used to transmit to the public details of activities and information for events run by the Japan Foundation, and information on the Japan Foundation.
Please be aware of the followings when using the Foundation's Official Accounts.

  • The Japan Foundation pays the utmost attention to the accuracy of content posted, security required for management, etc., and personal information protection when transmitting information via the Foundation's Official Accounts. However, the Japan Foundation is not responsible for any damage that arises as a result of any user using information found on the Foundation's Official Accounts.
  • In addition, in order to provide the public with information, the content of transmissions made via the Foundation's Official Accounts includes information transmitted by organizations other than the Foundation. As such, the Japan Foundation is not responsible for any damage that arises as a result of any user using such information.
  • The format of the service content on the Foundation's Official Accounts may change, or all or part of the features provided may be suspended or terminated, without any prior notice.

Handling of Information Posted on Social Media

If posts include the following contents and are likely to impede the operation of an established online community, such posts may be deleted at the discretion of the administrator.

  • Content that is contrary to, or is likely to be contrary to, any laws, regulations, or public order and good morals
  • Content that is linked to, or is likely to be linked to, a criminal act
  • Inappropriate content, including statements made using indecent or obscene language
  • Content that includes impersonation of another person or that contains a falsehood
  • Acts that infringe on another party's rights, such as the Japan Foundation's or a third party's copyrights or likeness rights
  • Content that discriminates against, or is slanderous or defamatory against, a specific third party
  • Content that identifies, discloses, or divulges personal information without that party's consent
  • Content that harms the reputation or credibility of the Japan Foundation or a third party, which is used for political activities, electoral campaigns, or religious activities
  • Content that includes commercial acts such as referrals and advertisements for specific products, stores, or companies
  • Content that prevents constructive discussion
  • Spam
  • Harmful programs
  • Other acts or content that the administrator of the social media deems inappropriate

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