Group Testing

  • *Group registration for the test are not available in Japan. However, a company or group can purchase multiple vouchers using Voucher Express.Open in new window
  • *Group registration may not be accepted in some countries. Please visit Prometric's registration website for further details.
    Prometric's registration website
The image that one make a group reservation on the website.

The group representative will download the Group registration form from the Group registration page on Prometric's registration websiteOpen in new window

The image that one make a group reservation on the website.

Send the completed form to the Prometric Group Registration Front Desk
E-mail (When sending an e-mail, please enter a half-width character "@" instead of a full-width character "@.").

The image that one make a group reservation on the website.

Receive a response from the front desk on whether or not the group application can be accepted

If yes

If no

Adjust the schedule and number of persons

Purchase vouchers
(By cash payment at the voucher purchase center or by credit card payment online using Voucher Express) *Voucher is a number needed for the test reservationOpen in new window. It is issued when you pay the test fee and has an expiration date. *Voucher Express is a website that allows you to order vouchers online. To use it, you have to open an account in advance. It takes up to 5 business days before you can start using the service.

Create a list of test-takers using the format you received from the front desk and send it back up to 15 business days before test date by noon.
(If test date falls on weekends, at least 16 business days before test date by noon.) *Test-takers must have obtained Prometric IDs. Visit the Prometric'swebsiteOpen in new window to obtain a Prometric ID.
You cannot make a reservation if your test-taker list is incomplete.

Receive the notification of completed registration of test-taker information and the Confirmation letters from the front desk *Test-takers cannot be replaced or canceled after the registration has been completed.

Distribute the Confirmation letters to the test-takers

Test-takers will check the steps On The Test DayOpen in new window before taking the test

The test-takers will take the test at the date, time and venue indicated on the Confirmation letters

On the day of the test, the test results (total score and assessment results) will be displayed on the computer screen after the test is over, so the test-takers can check their results on their own

Within 5 business days after taking the test, the notification of assessment results will be issued on the registration website, so the test-takers can log in to the registration website and check their notification on their own

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