The Japan Foundation Support System

As the organization running the JFT-Basic, the Japan Foundation not only develops and implements the test, it also provides extensive support so that Japanese language learners can acquire the necessary Japanese language skills for daily life and work.

Development and public dissemination of the JF Can-do for Life in Japan, teaching materials, etc.

We developed the JF Can-do for Life in JapanExternal link in 2019 for foreign nationals on Specified Skilled Worker status or other status of residence who are not native speakers of Japanese. It outlines the basic Japanese skills required for everyday life in Japan. Each of its statements begins with “I can...” and describes an ability to complete a communicative task. In addition, the Japanese language learning material Irodori: Japanese for Life in JapanExternal link sets these JF Can-do for life in JapanExternal link as learning goals. Learners can firmly acquire practical language skills through listening and conversation practice using audio files, as well as reading comprehension activities using material mirroring real-life usage. Irodori: Japanese for Life in Japan can be extensively used not only by people studying for the JFT-Basic but also by anyone studying the Japanese language at the starter to elementary level.

Training for local Japanese language teachers

We conduct training programs locally for teachers from institutions and organizations conducting Japanese language education for those who wish to come to Japan from overseas by working visa: Specified Skilled Worker (i).

We also conduct Japanese Teaching Methods Program for Teachers of Specified Skilled Worker CandidatesExternal link in which teachers from institutions and organizations conducting such Japanese language education are invited to Japan to deepen their understanding of the JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education and the approach of Japanese language teaching methodology aiming at accomplishing tasks and to improve the Japanese language education needed for daily life and work.

Support for activities of local Japanese language educational institutions

To support the learning of the Japanese language necessary for daily life and work, we provide support for the activities of Japanese language educational institutions. We send Japanese language experts and Japanese for Life in Japan coordinators to target countries, to explain and introduce the JFT-Basic, hold seminars using the Japanese language learning materials developed by the Japan Foundation, and conduct surveys of supported institutions, among others.

We also provide assistance to Japanese language educational institutions located overseas.

Regarding Mongolia and Nepal, please contact the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Dept Ⅱ. Regarding the other countries please inquire to the overseas offices.

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