Please read the details of each program and the appropriate application forms thoroughly.
Please refer to FAQs for more information.

Applicants from outside Japan

Applicants should contact the nearest Japan Foundation overseas offices. When there is no regional office in the applicant's country of residence, please contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate-General of Japan.

Applicants from within Japan

Applicants from within Japan should contact the section in charge at the Japan Foundation domestic offices. If applicants are unsure which program to apply for, please consult with the Public Relations Department for general guidance.

*Updated on April 1, 2022.

※When contacting us, please clarify the following information.
There is a possibility that we cannot respond if the following information is unclear.

  1. 1.Your name, affiliation, telephone number, and e-mail address;
  2. 2.The name of the program with the question or the department in charge; and
  3. 3.Questions / Inquiries.
    If you have a project under planning, please inform us of the location, schedule and outline (e.g. Dispatch of ### experts to ### conference in ### country in 20##, etc.).

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