1. Use of the Name of the Japan Foundation as a Supporter

The Japan Foundation supports cultural projects that contribute to the promotion of international cultural exchange, by granting the use of its name as a supporter.

Last updated April 2, 2018

Eligibility Area Japan / Overseas
Applicant Organization
Application Deadline Four weeks prior to a project commencing
Application Form IC-NS
Application Instruction / Application Form
Reference The section most closely related to the contents of the proposed project will be in charge. Please contact Communication Center (koenmeigi@jpf.go.jp) for general inquiries.
(When sending an e-mail, please replace the full-width "@" character with a half-width "@" character.)

2. Designated Donations Program

The Japan Foundation receives donations to support an international cultural exchange project from domestic corporations and individuals, and then provides the amount as a grant for the designated project. Since the Japan Foundation is authorized as a Designated Public Benefit Organization or Tokutei Koeki Zoshin Hojin in Japanese tax laws, the corporations and individuals who make a donation to the Japan Foundation are eligible to receive tax benefits for their donations.

Last updated September 5, 2019

Eligibility Area Japan / Overseas
Applicant Organization / Individual
Application Deadline [1st screening round of FY 2020]
Deadline of Final Proposal: May 2, 20
[2nd screening round of FY 2020]
Deadline of Final Proposal: October 1, 2020
*Draft proposal must be submitted one month prior to the proposal deadlines.
*For detailed information about the application deadlines after FY 2020, please contact the Budget and Finance Division.
Application Instruction / Application Form For the details of this program, please refer to "Designated Donation Program Guidelines" on our website.

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