Support Program for Organizations Providing Japanese-Language Education for Living and Working (Grants)

This grant program supports the costs of purchasing Japanese-language teaching materials, as well as the printing and bookbinding of IRODORI: Japanese for Life in Japan, by organizations and groups that provide Japanese-language education necessary for living and working in Japan for those who intend to come to Japan under the “Specified Skills” residence status system.

About “IRODORI: Japanese for Life in Japan”: The Japanese-language coursebook “IRODORI: Japanese for Life in Japan” is a textbook for foreign people to learn basic Japanese communication skills that are needed for daily life and working in Japan. IRODORI is made up of three parts: Starter (A1), Elementary 1 (A2), and Elementary 2 (A2). You can download it from the following websites for free.

Last updated Augusut 31, 2023

Eligibility Area Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan
Applicant Organization
Application Deadline December 1, 2023
Submit to Japanese diplomatic mission in the applicant’s country
Application Instructions / Application Form