KAKEHASHI Project: Japan-U.S. Youth Exchange Project 47 U.S. high school students, the champion and high achievers of Japan Bowl, to head for Japan, discovering new charms of Japan

July 1, 2014

The Japan Foundation carries out "KAKEHASHI Project – The Bridge for Tomorrow" as part of the Youth Exchange Program with North America promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA). In July 2014, the Project will invite 47 high achievers of 2014 Japan Bowl to Japan.

Japan Bowl is a Japanese quiz competition for high school students, which is held by The Japan-America Society of Washington DC. Students studying Japanese language all around the United States compete not only for their Japanese abilities but also for their knowledge of Japanese culture, history, politics, economics, etc. at their levels. This year, the competition took two days in April and was attended by a total of 239 participants in 85 teams. A wide range of questions included a historical one that asked a school of tea ceremony handed down by a person (Sen no Rikyu) of the shown portrait, and a contemporary one that asked the height of Tokyo Sky Tree.

In the past years, the competition prize of a trip to Japan was awarded only to its winners. The Japan Bowl this year will offer more seats for the prize under the KAKEHASHI Project for the first time. A total of 47 high achievers, including the champion, have received the prize and will come to Japan.   

During the ten-day study tour, they will visit Tokyo and Osaka, participating in the school exchange program and homestaying with Japanese general families. They will also experience Japanese culture and discover new charms of Japan, not only through anime and manga, but through its traditional practices such as rakugo.


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