KAKEHASHI Project: Japan-U.S. Youth Exchange Project 43 Japanese American Young Adults, Group 2  7/14 - 24, to visit Japan and head for Fukushima/Kyoto, tracing the history and roots of Japanese descendants

July 11, 2014

The Japan Foundation has carried out Japanese American Young Adults Invitation Program since May 2014, as part of the "KAKEHASHI Project – The Bridge for Tomorrow" within the Youth Exchange Program with North America promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA). The Program will invite a total of 100 selected Japanese American university and graduate students from all over the U.S in three separate times, and its second group, consisting of 43 members, will visit Japan for the ten-day tour, starting from July 14.

Participants will learn the roots of Japanese Americans and their role on Japan-U.S. relations through visiting immigration related facilities and companies in Japan. They will then be divided into two teams: one will visit Fukushima, a place widely known as home for Japanese descendants, and will experience farming and culinary exchange; and another will visit Kyoto, a prefecture in which Japanese traditional culture is being alive till today, and will experience sensu (Japanese folding fan) coloring and Japanese tea ceremony.

The both teams will thus deepen their understanding of Japan's attractiveness through visiting these cities and conducting exchange activities with local schools and residents. For further information, please contact us as indicated below.


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