KAKEHASHI Project: Japan-U.S. Young Creators Exchange Invitation program Group1 Five Young Designers visiting Japan from October 30 to learn about Japanese traditional culture

October 24, 2014

Starting from fiscal year 2014, the Japan Foundation carries out the Japan-U.S. Young Creators Exchange Program to cover four major areas of Cool Japan: fashion, design, anime and art

As the first group of the invitation program, it invites five young designers from the U.S., who are highly regarded internationally by appearing TED talks, collaborating with Lady Gaga, Björk, etc. During their seven-day tour, the participants will learn about Japanese traditional culture and interact with young Japanese designers. Through this program, they will find a way to absorb Japanese culture into their creation and look for possibilities of future collaboration.

They will also visit Takaoka city, Toyama and Kanazawa city, Ishikawa as a part of the tour, where are known as the city of design and traditional craft, to call on the atelier of important intangible cultural heritage, Komin Osawa and interact with young craftsmen. They will deepen their interest and understanding through meeting traditional technique and sensibility of local young craftsman.

  • *We will set a talk session (open to public) to meet the participants from 10:30 am to noon on Tuesday, November 4. To participate, please contact us as shown below.


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