[Announcement]"Asia Center Crosstalk"
A Series of Online Dialogues between Artists and Cultural Specialists from Japan and Southeast Asia

March 14, 2022

Asia Center Crosstalkの画像

The Japan Foundation (JF) will present a series of online dialogues between artists and cultural specialists from Japan and Southeast Asia titled “Asia Center Crosstalk: Cultural Journeys toward Post-COVID-19.” The dialogues will be available for free viewing on the JF’s official YouTube channel. While cross-border exchange remains restricted due to Covid-19, the series invites individuals active in various cultural fields, ranging from the traditional arts to contemporary art, to meet and talk online.

Covid-19 has impacted the arts and culture of every country differently, and artists and cultural experts are working under these new conditions, each with their own creative methods. The ten dialogues in this series all intriguingly detail how their creative endeavors shape the world beyond the pandemic. Participants discuss a broad range of topics, including the challenges of carrying out projects and creating a legacy of arts and culture. They also touch on how they re-examine their works and society and share new ideas and goals. Each dialogue is prefaced with an introduction to the participants’ works and interviews filmed in their respective countries, making it an engaging and learning experience for viewers regardless of their familiarity with the participants.

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