Annual Report 2020/2021

The Japan Foundation Annual Report 2020/2021 has been issued. It introduces the Japan Foundation's global cultural exchange activities of fiscal year 2020/2021.


  • Introduction
    • About the Japan Foundation
    • Message from the President
  • The Activities of the Japan Foundation
    • Culture: Arts and Cultural Exchange
    • Language: Japanese-Language Education Overseas
    • Dialogue: Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange
    • The Japan Foundation Asia Center
    • Other Initiatives
    • 2020 Overseas Office Initiatives
  • Data
    • Program Activity Summaries
      • Summary of Arts and Cultural Exchange Programs
      • Summary of Japanese-Language Education Overseas Programs
      • Summary of Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange Programs
      • Summary of the Japan Foundation Asia Center Programs
    • Financial Cooperation from the Private Sector
    • Financial Statements
    • The Japan Foundation's Global Network
    • Committees / Organization
    • Websites and Social Media