KAKEHASHI Project: Japan-U.S. Young Creators Exchange Invitation program Group 2 Four young U.S. fashion designers to have a Japanese experience Talk session with Japanese designers to be held on November 21!

November 7, 2014

Starting from fiscal year 2014, the Japan Foundation carries out the Japan-U.S. Young Creators Exchange Program to cover four major areas of Cool Japan: fashion, design, anime and art. As the second group of the invitation program, it invites four young fashion designers, who have gained international recognition being a nominee for the Parsons Designer of the Year or the winner of the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty competition.

During their seven day stay, the participants will visit Tokyo, a capital of Fashion, and Kyoto, where Japanese traditional culture still strongly exists. By interacting with people in the Japanese fashion industry and their exposure to its techniques and materials handed down over generations or created by cutting-edge technology, they will deepen their understanding of Japan. Also, they will look for possibilities of collaborating with Japanese designers and get inspiration for their future work.

On Friday, November 21, at 7 pm, there will be a talk session (open to public) between the participants and Japanese designers, Yasutoshi Ezumi (Yasutoshi Ezumi), Mayuko Ban (BANSAN) and Takuya Morikawa (TaaKK), who visited the U.S. through the KAKEHASHI Project in April 2014. For more information or to attend the session, please contact us as shown below.


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