Launching “...and Action! Asia: Exchange Program for Students in Film Studies” and holding a related event to discuss about co-production in Asia

March 3, 2015

In March 2015, the Japan Foundation Asia Center inaugurates “…and Action! Asia: an exchange program for students in film studies.” The program welcomes students from Japan and ASEAN countries, majoring in either filmmaking or film studies. Its aims are to foster mutual understanding among the participants and nurture global views to enrich their creativity. For 2016 and beyond, international co-production of short films is also planned to be included in the program.

As its first implementation, in cooperation with the Japan Institute of the Moving Image, it will welcome nine university students from Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand with their chaperones. They will participate in a 10-day program which includes discussions among the students using their own short films, presentations on their country’s film industry and culture, a visit to the Osaka Asian Film Festival, and many networking opportunities.


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