[Announcement]Lineup Announced for CROSSCUT ASIA #06: Fantastic Southeast Asia Messages from Lav Diaz and Masatoshi Nagase also Unveiled

October 16, 2019

The Japan Foundation Asia Center is pleased to announce the lineup for CROSSCUT ASIA #06: Fantastic Southeast Asia, featuring genre films ranging from thrillers to romantic horrors, reflecting regional characteristics, at the 32nd Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF).

  • photo of Lav Diaz
    Lav Diaz (c)Bradley Liew
  • photo of Masatoshi Nagase
    Masatoshi Nagase
    Photo: Yoshizawa Kenta

CROSSCUT ASIA this year will showcase such films as internationally acclaimed director Lav Diaz’s first-ever sci-fi thriller, The Halt (2019). He raises awareness of the global crisis through this depiction of his near-future motherland. (*See the director’s message on the Asia Center’s website). Diaz is also represented in the Competition section as the cowriter of the remarkable Ma?anita (2019). CROSSCUT ASIA will allow audiences to discover these and other unexpected wonders from across the region.

During the festival, there will also be stage appearances and Q&A sessions featuring directors and/or celebrated guests from the selected works. A symposium, "The Discreet Charm of Girl's Horror Talk," with Antoinette Jadaone (director of Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay), Mattie Do (director of The Long Walk) and Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo (director of Untrue), will be held on October 29th (Tuesday). These three female directors will discuss the horror films of Southeast Asia.

Free booklets specially made for CROSSCUT ASIA #06, which include a Special Talk between Eric Khoo and Kenji Ishizaka, Asian Future and CROSSCUT ASIA Programming Director, will be distributed to viewers. Internationally acclaimed actor Masatoshi Nagase who has collaborated with international filmmakers is also featured.

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