[Announcement]“Asia Lounge” Conversation Series
Co-presented by The Japan Foundation Asia Center & Tokyo International Film Festival
Eight days of special events featuring filmmakers from Japan and Asia

September 29 2020

From November 1 to 8, the Japan Foundation will present the conversation series “Asia Lounge.” The program will host daily online conversations between leading film directors from various Asian countries and regions and their Japanese peers, as part of the 33rd Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF); from October 31 to November 9.

Since 2014, the Japan Foundation and TIFF have been conducting joint cultural exchange initiatives with a focus on Asia. This year, the enormous challenges thrust upon the global film industry have resulted in unprecedented changes to the way in which we make and view films. In response, the Japan Foundation and TIFF will create a series of talks to encourage dialogue and more in-depth understanding among filmmakers throughout Asia as well as to examine new possibilities for visual culture going forward.

This new initiative was proposed by world-renowned director KORE-EDA Hirokazu, who worked with the members of the committee to organize the event. Although originally conceived as a physical lounge where filmmakers from around the world would enjoy free-form conversation and exchange, this year’s event will be held online, inviting a variety of high-profile guest speakers to discuss a myriad of topics. (Interpretation will be provided.) These filmmakers will share the directions they will take as a result of the limits imposed on international travel by the current circumstances, and their thoughts about the drastic changes the coronavirus pandemic has made to film production, film exhibition, discussion, and collaboration. Talks will be streamed live, and viewers from all over the world can ask questions.

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