Reaches 10 Million Views in 111 Countries and Regions!

June 21 2022

STAGE BEYOND BORDERS – Selection of Japanese Performances, a project for the online transmission of outstanding Japanese stage performances with multilingual subtitles launched by the Japan Foundation (JF) in February, has reached 10 million views in a cumulative total of 111 countries and regions!

More than 90 works in three genres, contemporary theater, dance, and traditional arts, have been shown and about 80 works are still available for viewing free of charge on YouTube. Varieties of new titles were created and exclusively transmitted for this project, such as Dream Cambrian (Dairakudan) and works in the series of traditional and folk performing arts, including Noh, Kyomai and Kagura. Some have received much attention overseas, such as Touken Ranbu: The Musical HIGEKIRI HIZAMURA PERFORMANCE 2020 ~SOGA~ (Musical Touken Ranbu Production Committee) and Antigone (SPAC-Shizuoka Performing Arts Center). Furthermore, popular performances in Japan like Our Planet (mamegoto) and The Rite of Spring / Traces Garden (Noism Company Niigata) have been included in the series and are now widening their appeal around the world.

We have received positive comments from viewers, such as "Thanks to the subtitles, I can clearly understand the difficult dialogue," "I'm doing research on the performing arts and, at a time when I was feeling frustrated that I couldn't go to Japan because of COVID, being able to watch Japanese works online was really helpful for my research," and "I really hope that someday you will come and perform in my country." These comments prove that we have succeeded in conveying the appeal of Japanese performing arts beyond national borders despite the pandemic.

We will continue to release new projects in 2022.

Examples of transmitted works

  • image of To
the Greatest Love (NEMOTO Shuko)
    "To the Greatest Love"
    (NEMOTO Shuko)
  • image of Ryukyu Buyo: Okinawan SoulSoul
(MIYAGI Noho, NISHIE Kishun and others)
    "Ryukyu Buyo: Okinawan Soul"
    (MIYAGI Noho, NISHIE Kishun and others)
  • image of
    "Red Demon" by NODA Hideki
    (Tokyo Theatre DoJo)
  • image of
    "TWO - in transit Hara Museum"
    (MUKAIYAMA Tomoko, MORIYAMA Mirai)
  • image of
    "Kyogen: The Humor of Frailty & Tolerance" (NOMURA Mansai)
  • image of
    "Grimm's Fairy Tale - The Real Fiancée"
    (SPAC-Shizuoka Performing Arts Center)

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