Tokyo International Film Festival CROSSCUT ASIA tie-up event Colorful Indonesia 2 January 25-28, 2017

January 11, 2017

The Japan Foundation Asia Center will hold the screening event “Colorful Indonesia 2” with Athenee Francais Cultural Center from Wednesday, January 25 through Saturday, January 28, as a Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) tie-up event.
On January 28, there will also be a symposium with the Indonesian filmmaker Eddie Cahyono, who directed SITI, and producer Meiske Taurisia who was involved in arranging these screenings. With film critic Chris Fujiwara as the moderator and Asako Fujioka (Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival) as the interpreter, the symposium focuses on ‘now’ of contemporary Indonesian cinema which has many talented young filmmakers.
"Colorful Indonesia 2" will introduce attractive Indonesian films which are uniquely handpicked with an Indonesian point of view. Selections of the films are quite different from the time of the first event at TIFF. The line-up includes the omnibus film 9808 Anthology of 10th Year Indonesia Reform (2008) by young directors and artists like Edwin looking back on the dynamic changes in 1998, the pop music documentary of the Indonesian neo-acoustic band White Shoes & The Couples Company gaining reputation at home and overseas, Kamila Andini’s newest short film Memoria (2016) set in Timor-Leste. Free booklets specially made for this event will be distributed to the participants in “Colorful Indonesia 2.”


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