"National Diet Library Digital Collections" is available in the Library

This service allows Library users to browse digitized materials authorized by the National Diet Library (NDL). The materials are out-of-print items digitized by the NDL, including books, periodicals, and doctoral dissertations previously available only within the NDL premises. In the Library, the service is available at one designated PC set in the reading room. We also provide the printing service for these items upon request.

<For reference> About the National Diet Library Digital Collections

  • First of all, you need to make a registration for this service.  To register, please bring your ID showing your address.

  • Please ask Library staff to use this service. 
    To start the service, it is first required to be logged in by Library staff. A maximum time limit for using the service is an hour each time.

  • For printing service, Library staff will make copies of the items upon request in compliance with Japanese copyright law. Self-copying, downloading the items, or screen shooting of the display are not allowed.
    It costs 10 yen for b/w, 50 yen for color per sheet.

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E-mail: Lib@jpf.go.jp
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