Annual Report 2003

Photo of Annual Report 2003

The Japan Foundation Annual Report 2003 has been issued.
It introduces the Japan Foundation's global cultural exchange activities of Fiscal Year 2003.

A total of 119 pages (PDF:5.82KB)

[ Contents ]

A Message from the President (PDF:1.01MB)

Activities for Fiscal 2003

Outline of Programs by Region (PDF:2.31MB)

Outline of Programs by Type (PDF:2MB)

Organizations and Finances for Fiscal 2003 (PDF:480KB)

  • Organization (PDF:451KB)
    History, Objectives, Main Operations, Organization of the Japan Foundation (As of the End of FY2003), Advisory Councils, etc. (As of the End of FY2003)
  • Finance (PDF:461KB)
    Budget for FY2003, Settlement of Accounts for FY2003, Financial Cooperation from the Private Sector

Appendixes (PDF:2.19MB)

Contact Addresses (As of the End of October 2004) (PDF:437KB)

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