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Bridging Japan and the World for Fruitful Relations

With the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in 2020, Japan is opening up to people around the world a lot more.
To narrow the gap between people overseas and the Japanese, The Japan Foundation works on diverse exchange activities to foster mutual favor, trust, and friendship.

Arts and Cultural Exchange

We present Japan's rich culture and myriad of arts to the world in diverse ways. Through arts and culture, we convey Japan's heart and mind to the world and give people a chance to relate to Japan by overcoming the language barrier. We also aim to spread the joy of artistic creation, thereby deepening people-to-people exchanges.

Japanese-Language Education Overseas

We hope to make Japanese-language education familiar and available to as many people as possible and help them to continue studying Japanese for a long time. To this end, we support building the foundation and the environment suitable for Japanese-language education. We also work with overseas national and local governments and educational institutions to develop programs suiting their respective educational environment, policies, and students' objectives.

Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange

The Japan Foundation supports and promotes Japanese studies abroad so that people overseas can deepen their understanding about Japan. We also provide opportunities for people from Japan and other countries to discuss important global issues and topics of mutual concern. This helps Japan to better express its views and to foster the next generation to carry on future dialogues and exchanges.

Asia Center

The Asia Center conducts diverse projects and activities in Asia (especially Southeast Asia) related to Japanese-language education, arts and culture, sports, intellectual exchange, and other fields. By having people-to-people exchanges and joint projects, it aims to promote mutual understanding, mutual interests, and coexistence as Asian neighbors.