Community Leaders and Youth Exchange

Programs are developed from multimodal viewpoints for grass-roots and youth exchange for such purposes as vitalizing international cultural exchange at the grass-roots level in the various cultural and arts fields, the promotion of the nurturing of youth who will carry on international cultural exchange in the next generation, the promotion of mutual exchange among grass-roots leaders and youth, and the holding of workshops to promote better understanding of different cultures in Japan.

Promotion of Grass-roots and Youth Exchange

Contributions are made to the more extensive promotion of exchange at the grass-roots and youth level through cooperation in mutual exchange programs and in cultural exchange programs for promotion of understanding among the people and youth of the countries of the world.

Building of Networks Among Leaders

The building of networks among leaders is promoted through extending invitations to Japan to groups of junior and senior high-school teachers of social studies and groups of specialized leaders in such grass-roots youth exchange fields as community activities from the various countries of the world.

Promoting Better Understanding of Different Cultures

Work is carried out toward the realization of international mutual understanding and a multicultural coexistence society through the holding of mutual understanding lectures and workshops for the purpose of introducing the cultures of the countries of Asia and the Middle East to the people of Japan.

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