The Japan Foundation Vietnam Performing Arts Specialists Short Term Invitation Program (Program for Cultural Cooperation with ASEAN Countries)

Stage photograph of A Doll's House
Photo: Scene from A Doll's House
by Henrik Ibsen
Drama Company II, Vietnam Youth Theatre
(2006 original performance)

The Japan Foundation is inviting a delegation comprised of 27 people mainly from the Vietnam Youth Theatre. The members arrived in Japan on Wednesday, November 20 and will stay until Thursday, December 5, 2013. The Vietnam Youth Theatre is the most active theatre among twelve national theatres in Vietnam, having the largest number of theatre productions. Le Khanh, a widely-known and popular actress in Vietnam and the deputy director of the Vietnam Youth Theatre, is one of the members.
The program is the first project in a series of new program for ASEAN countries to be launched in FY2013 (Program for Cultural Cooperation with ASEAN Countries) in order to foster human resources and to provide technical cooperation in the field of culture and arts. Many of the members of delegation including those expertising in sound, stage lighting and stage design are expected to have their first experience in Japan; to visit and see in detail of the Japanese theatre world not only from the seats but from the back; should they be inspired for their future career. The program will be followed by a mid-term invitation program in March, 2014.


Length of Stay: Thursday, November 21 - Thursday, December 5, 2013 (15 days)
Member of Delegation Total 27 people including Director and Deputy Director of the Vietnam Youth Theatre, Chief of bureau for performing arts, the Vietnam Ministry of Sports, Culture and Tourism, Vice President of Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema
Main Destination to Visit National Theatre of Japan, New National Theatre, Tokyo,
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Saitama Arts Theater, Kanagawa Arts Theater, Shizuoka
Performing Arts Center (SPAC), Art Theater dB (Dance Box) KOBE, Nigata City
Performing Arts Center, Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center, Toshima Koukaido, Shiki Theatre Company,
Kabukiza Theatre, Pacific Art Center Inc.,Kanai Scene Shop

The Vietnam Youth Theatre

One of the national theatres in Vietnam, established in 1978. As of November, 2013, the Vietnam Youth Theatre has 4 residing companies: Drama I, Drama II, Music and Dance, and Physical Theatre (only one in Vietnam), and they have 618 seats for the audience.
The Youth Theatre comprises of approximately 200 people including back-office and technical staff and has a wide variety of productions including plays for children and musicals. It runs approximately 10 productions having over 350 performances at their theatre and more than 250 performances outside annually. The Vietnam Youth Theatre is one of the most active theatre companies in Vietnam.
Drama Company II was invited in 2010, the first "International Ibsen Festival" held at Owl Spot theater in Japan (hosted by Butai 21, specified non-profit corporation) to perform A Doll's House.

Stage photograph of 5 Brothers
Photo: Scene from 5 Brothers
Drama Company I
Director: Anh Tu
(Original performance: 2011)

Stage photograph of Home of Oshin
Photo: Scene from Home of Oshin
Drama Company II
Director: Le Khanh
(Original performance: 2012)

Stage photograph of Kids’ Heaven
Photo: Scene from Kids’ Heaven
Music and Dance Company
Director: Le Hung
(Original performance: 2012)

Stage photograph of The Last
Photo: Scene from The Last Hundred Minutes of Han Mac Tu
Physical Theatre Company
Director: Le Hung
(Original performance: 2006)

Le Khanh

Photo of Le Khanh People's Artist of Vietnam, Actress, Director, Deputy Director of the Youth Theatre
Le Khanh was born in Hanoi in 1963. She began her career as an actress in 1970. She has appeared in a wide variety of television works, theatre and movies, which included a starring role in the 2000 movie The Vertical Ray of the Sun (as Khanh, one of the sisters) by Tran Anh Hung. In 2010, Le Khanh played Nora Helmer in a Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen at the first "International Ibsen Festival" held at Owl Spot theater in Japan.

Program for Cultural Cooperation with ASEAN Countries

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as a large growth market has been attracting more attention in recent years due to their remarkable economic development and so experiencing a large change in society. Thus many of the ASEAN countries are seeking new infrastructure and ideas in the field of culture, arts, and creativity industry.
"Program for Cultural Cooperation with ASEAN Countries" is open to those in charge of the field of culture and art including those expertising in related technologies (sound, stage lighting, stage design, handling equipment/goods, managing theatres/art museums,
directing/curating), as artists as well. The program promotes not merely as one-off and one-sided technical guidance but as a middle-term and long-term interactive exchange and cooperation through a program to send experts from Japan, to invite people from overseas and to enhance collaborative projects between the ASEAN countries.

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