The "Evangelion and Japanese Swords" Exhibition in Paris and Madrid: View photos of the exhibition

View photos of the exhibition in Paris.
Since its opening, it has enchanted many men and women of all ages.

Photo of entrance area
A figure of the EVA-01 Test Type welcoming visitors at the entrance

Photo of preview
At the preview on April 29

Photo of exhibition 1
Visitors looking on exhibits

Photo of exhibition 2
Japanese swords inspired by the Evangelion series and its characters.
One of the exhibition's highlights is to desplay graphics on the wall and their related Japanese swords together

Photo of exhibition 3
Visitors reading the cutline of Japanese swords.
It explains a history and types of Japanese swords as well as its making process in French

Photo of exhibition 4
Furnishings and tools of Japanese swords also drew the attention from visitors

Photo of Sword-engraving demonstrations 1

Photo of Sword-engraving demonstrations 2

Sword-engraving demonstrations given by swordsmith Munenori Kinoshita on April 30 Participants in Paris looked at his great skills with amusement. Some of them asked for more details, and there was even a participant who checked the fine dragon motif engraved on the sword by using a magnifying glass. There were two sessions and both sessions welcomed full participants over 100 people!

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