Traditional Japanese Theatre Performance: "Kyoto Soseiza"

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As part of the 14th hôgaku (music using traditional Japanese instruments) festival, "Nihon no kokoro (The Heart of Japan)", Kyoto Soseiza will perform the "Shijinki - Kami oriru to no monogatari (A story of the four gods protecting Kyoto)". The performance, with a cast of primarily made up of young performers, crosses over traditional divisions between genres and schools, and aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to Kyoto's traditional arts (noh, kyôgen, hôbu, hôgaku, etc.). Performances will be held at the National Film Actors Theatre (the Yauza Palace).

Date 12 November 2012 - 18 November 2012
Venue Moscow
Organizer Japan Foundation, Moscow State Conservatory

Performance of Japanese Traditional Theaters "Kyoto Soseiza"

Reference image : Kyoto Soseiza

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