14th International Fair for high-quality fiction and non-fiction

Logo of the Japan Foundation Japan-Russia Cultural Exchange Project 2012

The Japan Foundation, with the Publishers Association for Cultural Exchange, will set up a "Japan booth" at the 14th International Fair for high-quality fiction and non-fiction. The latest Japanese publications, from comics to novels and magazines, will be displayed.
Novelist Ms. Hiromi KAWAKAMI, and haiku poet, Mr. Minoru OZAWA, will be sent to the Book Fair. They will give lectures at the Japan Foundation in Moscow, thereby giving not only those going to the book fair, but other Russian citizens the chance to engage with Japanese literature. Ms. Kawakami and Mr. Ozawa will also travel to Saint Petersburg, where they will give lectures and haiku readings, further expanding opportunities for cultural exchange with Russian citizens.

Date 28 November 2012 - 2 December 2012
Venue Central House of Artists, Moscow
Organizer EXPO PARK (http://www.expopark.ru/)

Hiromi Kawakami
Courtesy : Bungeishunju
Hiromi Kawakami

Minoru Ozawa
Courtesy : The Mainichi Newspapers Co.
Minoru Ozawa

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