Art Mix Japan to be Held in Mexico!

The Japan Foundation holds Art Mix Japan abroad for the first time, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the foundation of Asociación México Japonesa and to foster cultural exchange between Japan and Mexico.

Art Mix Japan is a festival that gives people an opportunity to enjoy Japanese traditional art performances casually and was first held in Niigata in 2013.

Many artists from a variety of genres, such as Japanese traditional music, kagura (Shinto theatrical dance), kobudo, calligraphy, and magic, will perform at the festival. In addition, there will be performances and exhibitions by Japanese Mexican artists as well as stalls of Japanese foods and crafts. The festival presents a diversity of Japanese traditional culture from various aspects, including food, skill, and art, to Mexican people in a new manner so that they can develop familiarity with it.

As the first dispatch of the commemorative events, the Foundation sends six groups of Japanese artists, who are active in home and abroad, to perform and give workshops for people to experience Japanese traditional performing arts. The Foundation presents the depth and variety of Japanese culture and Japanese spirit to Mexican people including Japanese descendants hoping that this will create new cultural exchanges between the two countries.

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Mexico (Mexico City) Art Mix Japan in Mexico (Japan Festival 2016)

Dates Saturday, December 3 and Sunday, December 4, 2016
Organized by
Supported by
In cooperation with
Performers from Japan

Yutaka Oyama, TAKUYA, Yoshimi Tsujimoto (Tsugaru Shamisen, Wadaiko, Shakuhachi)
Hamada Iwami-kagura association (Kagura)
Shigakukan Dojo: Taizo Kosugi, Asao Saito (Kobudo demonstration)
Miho (Calligraphy performance)
Taijyu Fujiyama (Japanese Magic Tezuma)
Yusuke Tamura, Akira Sato (Wadaiko, Shinobue, Tsugaru Shamisen)

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