World Premiere Noh in 3D Live at the River Night Festival 2016

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Singapore-Japan diplomatic relations, the Japan Foundation will present YUGEN: The Hidden Beauty of Japan. In this show, Japanese traditional performing art Noh meets new technology. This bold fusion of the age-old Japanese theater form and 21st century 3D scenography in Japan’s latest art development will have its world premiere at the River Nights Festival 2016.

Created by renowned director Amon Miyamoto and scenographer Shutaro Oku, travel into the fugitive world of YUGEN, where nature unfolds with special 3D glasses mounted on an Omote Noh mask.

Step into the mysterious world of YUGEN and savor glimpses of profound beauty of nature with Noh actors performing the extraordinary lions’ dance Shakkyo and the celestial maiden’s dance Hagoromo, set against a rich visual tapestry.

An original theatrical experience under the night sky not to be missed.




Date & Time Friday, October 28 – Saturday, October 29, 2016 8:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.
Implemented by
Organized by:
The Japan Foundation
Co-organized by:
Asian Civilisations Museum (Singapore)
Meiji University (Tokyo)
Supported by:
Japan Creative Centre
The Fullerton Hotel
Projection Partner:
Special cooperation by:
Grand Master of the Kanze-School, Kanze Foundation
In conjunction with:
River Nights Festival 2016
The 50th Anniversary of Singapore-Japan Diplomatic Relations
Co-produced by:
Culture Link
Performers Shakkyo
White Lion:
Shigehiko Fujinami
Red Lion:
Kojiro Sumi
Yoshinari Shimizu
Kazuki Takase
Young Man:
Ryuji Aigase
Creative Team
Keiichiro Tsuchiya
Amon Miyamoto
3D Movie Director:
Shutaro Oku
Animation Designer:
Tatsuro Hirasawa
Technical Assistance (3D movie):
Fukuchi Laboratory (Meiji University)
Yutaka Fukuoka
Stage Designer:
Hiroko Oshima
Lighting Designers:
Harumi Fujimoto, Mitsuhisa Ogaki
Sound Designer:
Atsushi Tagami
Assistant Director:
Moeko Yamazaki
Production Manager:
Michio Tomoi
Production Team
Junichi Tsuchiya
Naoko Suzuki, Hiromi Yamakawa
Production Assistance:
WM Inc.


Amon Miyamoto

Photo of Amon Miyamoto

Born in 1958 in Ginza, Tokyo, Miyamoto is a director of musicals, operas, plays, kabuki and other art genres, active both in Japan and internationally. In 1987, he made his directing debut with his original musical I Got Merman, which received the National Arts Festival Award of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. In 2004, he became the first Asian director on Broadway for his staging of the musical Pacific Overtures, which received four Tony Award nominations. In 2011, he directed The Temple of the Golden Pavilion, a stage adaptation of the novel by Yukio Mishima, which was invited to the Lincoln Center Festival in New York. In 2013, he made his European opera directorial debut with the world premiere of The Magic Flute by Mozart. In October 2016, he directs a brand new original show as part of the World Forum on Sports and Culture, a kick-off event toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. In recent years, he has been placing special focus on directing and introducing a wide range of Japanese performing arts and cultures, from the classical theater to most advanced entertainment.

Shutaro Oku

Photo of Shutaro Oku

3D movie director Shutaro Oku was born in 1975 in Tokyo. His major films are The Labor Cop, Japanese Naked Tribe, Aka-sen, Cain's Descendant (which was officially selected for the 57th Berlin International Film Festival), USB (starring Kazushi Watanabe, Kaori Momoi, Nao Omori, Hideki Noda et al.). He has been involved in stage productions as visual planner for such plays as Elisabeth and MOZART! for TOHO Musical, The Bee and Egg for NODA MAP productions, 1789, Casablanca for the Takarazuka Revue, and so on. He also has energetically worked on staging as stage director making full use of visuals. These activities brought him the 2008 Yomiuri Theater Awards for Excellent Staff Award for Black Cat (which he wrote and directed). His major stage productions include Persona, BLOOD-C The LAST MIND, GHOST in THE SHELL ARISE: GHOST is ALIVE.

  • Photo of Shigehiko Fujinami

    Shigehiko Fujinami

    Noh actor (Kanze School) Shigehiko Fujinami was born in 1964 as a son of a renowned Noh actor Shigemistu Fujinami. He studied Noh under his father and Grand Master Kiyokazu Kanze. He is a member of the Nohgaku Performers’ Association.

  • Photo of Yoshinari Shimizu

    Kojiro Sumi

    Noh actor (Kanze School) Kojiro Sumi was born in 1975 as a son of a renowned Noh actor Hirojiro Sumi. He studied Noh under his father and Grand Master Kiyokazu Kanze. He is a member of the Nohgaku Performers’ Association.

  • Photo of Yoshinari Shimizu

    Yoshinari Shimizu

    Noh actor (Kanze School) Yoshinari Shimizu was born in 1973 and studied Noh under Grand Master Kiyokazu Kanze. He is a member of the Nohgaku Performers’ Association.

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