2015-2016 schedule of Japan Foundation supported PAJ for North America programs

Category Project Title Location Applicant
Touring Sankai Juku's UMUSUNA Seattle (WA), San Francisco (CA), Davis (CA), Los Angeles (CA), Ann Arbor (MI), Brooklyn (NY), Ottawa (ON), Chapel Hill (NC) University Musical Society
Touring Toshiki Okada God Bless Baseball
(working title)
New York (NY), Philadelphia (PA), Chicago (IL), Columbus (OH), College Park (MD) Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Touring US Tour of Tetsuya Umeda's It Was Moving At First Portland (OR), Austin (TX), Cincinnati (OH), Los Angeles (CA) Fuse Box Austin
Touring TOSHIMARU NAKAMURA / JASON KAHN / TETUZI AKIYAMA / BRYAN EUBANKS Seattle (WA), Portland (OR), San Francisco (CA), Los Angeles (CA), Houston (TX), San Antonio (TX), St. Paul (MN), Chicago (IL), Oberlin (OH), Louisville (KY), Tuscaloosa (AL), Columbia (SC), Philadelphia (PA), Boston (MA), New York (NY) The Elaine Summers Experimental Intermedia Foundations, Inc.
Collaboration Performance Robot Dramaturgy (PRD): Japan/US New York (NY) The Graduate Center, CUNY dba The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center
Collaboration Shank's Mare New York (NY) Yara Arts Group
Collaboration Indigenous Infusion: A Japan-Canada Collaboration Toronto (ON) Small World Music
Collaboration Ten Thousand Leaves New York (NY) The Jazz Gallery

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