Grant Program for Dispatching Artists and Cultural Specialists 2013 (2)

Americas Section
Host Country Project Title Grantee
Canada, U.S.A Osuwadaiko in Vancouver U.S.A Seatle, San Francisco Public performance OSUWADAIKO
U.S.A All Female Theater Company UNAI Cultural Exchange Performance in HAWAII All Female Theater Company UNAI
U.S.A Songs of Okinawa US Tour Committee for Music From Japan
U.S.A "MIRAGE" performance at MIT Media Laboratory GRINDER-MAN
U.S.A YAMATO the Drummers of Japan USA Tour 2013 Rub-a-Dub & Company, Ltd.
Cuba Lectures on Japanese popular culture and cinema YOMOTA Inuhiko
Belize, Jamaica Vegetable carving & Sushi demonstration SATO Kazuhiro
Mexico Miyuki ITO+Prometeus's Light+Mexico ITO Miyuki
Asia and Oceania Section
Host Country Project Title Grantee
Republic of Korea Musashi Korean Tour Musashi Committee
Republic of Korea The World of  Robot and Karakuri Karakuribunka jikko iinkai
Republic of Korea Shinjuku ryozanpaku Seoul performing Art Festival "SHEAF BURNING" SHINJUKU RYOZANPAKU
Indonesia, Singapore Japanese contemporary dance workshops and demonstration by Kaiji MORIYAMA for children and students in 3 Asian cities MORIYAMA Kaiji
Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam AUN J Classic Orchestra "One Asia joint concert" 40th Anniversary of the ASEAN-JAPAN Exchange Friendship and Cooperation 40th Anniv. Vietnam-Japan, 60th Avviv. Cambodia-Japan Diplomatic Relations 20th Anniv. Angkor Wat world heritage registraion Association of International Exchange Non-profit Organization
Cambodia The event of artistic cultural exchange between Cambodia & Japan Human and cultural exchange general incorporated association
Laos NIPPON NADESHIKO KAGEKIDAN 「2nd Laos-Japan Festival 40th Year of ASEAN-Japan Firendship and Cooperation "Revue-A Flowering Hape and Friendship-"」 in Laos NPO JAPAN-ASIA FINE ARTS ASSOCIATION
Laos Mitsuka Yoshida's Otome Bunraku in Vientiane YOSHIDA Mitsuka
Philippines Let's make a costume with Japanese traditional paper OHNO Chie
Singapore An Evening with Nihon Buyo in Singapore "Renjishi" by Takujiro Hanayagi and his assistant HANAYAGI Takujiro
Singapore TeamLab [Peace can be realized even without order-space ver. (provisional)] Singapore teamLab Inc.
Thailand Misako Oshiro Okinawa folk song concert in Bangkok OSHIRO Misako
Sri Lanka Workshops and Concerts in Sri Lanka MUSICIANS WITHOUT BORDERS
Sri Lanka Cool Japan Wisdom of JAPAN in SRI LANKA Cool Japan Wisdom of JAPAN Executive Committee
Singapore, China "a new creation" : To Belong project office A/LB Akiko Kitamura
Australia Iwasaki Onikenbai Performance in Australia Iwasaki Onikenbai Association
Europe, Middle East and Africa Section
Host Country Project Title Grantee
Switzerland Ikebana, Misho-ryu Sasaoka SASAOKA Ryuho
Spain Drawing Barcelona:an animated collective film YONESHO Maya
France Hideo Furukawa: Contemporary Japanese literature and a novelist's activities after March 11. 2011 FURUKAWA Hideo
France 2nd Shakuhachi Master Class with FURUYA TERUO in Paris, FURUYA TERUO shakuhachi & ONISHI MIZUKA koto concert in Paris FURUYA Teruo
Italy, France, Spain TAKASHi KAKO QUARTET "Beautiful both for ears and eyes" Europe concert KAKO Takashi
Belgium, Italy EUROPE/JAPAN Haiku Symposium "Haiku in Europe Today/Haiku in Japan Today" Haiku International Association
France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland OSAKA MONAURAIL Concert in Europe SHOUT PRODUCTIONS CO., LTD.
Germany, Spain Yoshimasa Ishibasi featuring Yui Kawaguchi"MatchATira"(tentative) EU tour 2014 ISHIBASHI Yoshimasa
Slovenia, Poland, Croatia Demonstration of the Japanese Tea Ceremony MURAKAMI Souyu
Russia Seinendan "Three Sisters, Android Version" Agora Planning LTD.
Switzerland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Denmark Togetsuan Hakushu Tour of Europe ONDA Eri
Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, Austria ZA Ondekoza [Music & Rhythms] World tour in Europe STATION Co., Ltd
Iran [Japan Week] Introducing Japanese culture through the art of Kirie KUBO Shu
Algeria, Italy Algeria and Italy Nohgaku Demonstration THE NOHGAKU PERFORMER'S ASSOCIATION
U.S.A, France, Greece Hiroaki Umeda 2013 Europe Tour UMEDA Hiroaki

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