Grant Program for Dispatching Artists and Cultural Specialists 2018 (2)

Asia and Oceania
Host Country Project Title Grantee
China Kanazawa Butoh Kan Performance & Workshop in China Kanazawa Butoh Kan
China "Springtime in the North" by SCOT in Wuzhen Theatre Festival and Lecture by Tadashi Suzuki Suzuki Company of Toga
Korea DADADADAN TENKO "Romeo & Juliet" Performance in Korea JIRAIYA Co., Ltd
Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan fff!!! Dairo Suga x Darren Moore Free Jazz Orchestra Concert & Workshop VELVETSUN PRODUCTS Inc.
Marshall, Micronesia, Palau Okinawan Traditional Performance Tour in Pacific Islands Okinawan Tradition Association
Solomon .Ki-wi- (Yukata, Art) Noro, Solomon Islands, Lecture & Demonstration & Workshop .Ki-wi-
The Americas
Host Country Project Title Grantee
U.S.A. Learning value of traditional architecture in Kyoto through a lens of clay walls Kyomachiya Council
U.S.A. "Harmony of Japan" Japanese traditional dance to connect Hawaii and Japan forever Specified Nonprofit Corporation Harmony of Japan
U.S.A. Shiro Matsui Workshop "Message in a Bottle" in Hawaii Shiro Matsui
U.S.A. Hibari Misora Music Festival in Hawaii HIBARI Production Co., Ltd.
U.S.A. Kukangendai US Tour Kukan Gendai LLC.
Mexico Aguri Uchida/Lectures and Workshops on Visual Arts in Mexico Aguri Uchida
Mexico Intercity-Express "Triggering & Noesis" performance in Mexico Intercity-Express
Mexico Kazuya Nagaya (Live Show with Music & Visual Art) Mexico Concerts Kazuya Nagaya
Mexico Kuniyuki Takahashi/Electronic Music Live in Mexico Kuniyuki Takahashi
Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay Naoyuki Manabe/Gagaku Concert in Latin America Naoyuki Manabe
Bolivia, Peru Toshiyuki Kumagai Guitar Recital & Masterclass for cultural exchange between Japan & Bolivia, Peru Toshiyuki Kumagai
Brazil Akiko Sakurai Biwa Playing "Brazil Japanese immigrants 110 anniversary concert" Brazil Tour Akiko Sakurai
Brazil, Chile, U.S.A. Lecture and demonstration about Japanese cinema education for children and young adult Children Meet Cinema
Chile Kanta HORIO (Music) Chile Tour Kanta Horio
Europe, Middle East and Africa
Host Country Project Title Grantee
France Naoya Hatakeyama "Rikuzentakata" Lecture in France Naoya Hatakeyama
France 2.5-Dimensional Musical "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" The Super Live Paris, France Nelke Planning Co., Ltd.
Germany, France MOCLOUD MUSIC LLC "Yosuke Onuma JAM KA" concert tour MOCLOUD MUSIC LLC
Italy, Spain Tamagusukuryu-Gyokusenkai Europe Tour Tamagusukuryu-Gyokusenkai
Italy, Switzerland, U.K., Netherlands, Belgium, France Sundays & Cybele 2018 Europe Tour Sundays & Cybele
Portugal, Finland Mizuki Watanabe Poetry Reading and Piano Performance Workshop in Portugal and Finland Association for Communicating the Beauty of the Japanese Language
Spain HA-YA-TO DRUM MASTERS Tour in Spain 2018 Keita Kanazashi
Switzerland Universal Flute Orchestra Japan Swiss Tour Universal Flute Orchestra Japan
U.K., France, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Greece Kikagaku Moyo EU tour Kikagaku Moyo
U.K., Spain Tokyo Chutei Iki, Baritone Saxophone Concert Tour for the 150th Anniversary of Diplomatic Establishment between Japan and Spain Tokyo Chutei Iki
Armenia Miyo Sato Animation film screening and Q&A discussion, creative meetings Miyo Sato
Armenia, Indonesia Mochinosha Puppet Company Shadow Puppetry Show Europe & Asia Tour Mochinosha Puppet Company
Croatia, Azerbaijan Chiten "Uncle Vanya" Croatia and Azerbaijan Tour Chiten LLC.
Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria YAMATO the Drummers of Japan, Eastern Europe Tour 2018 Kongendo Co., Ltd.
Kazakhstan, Tajikistan Densya concert tour in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Tajikistan KAIDEN MASANORI
Montenegro The Saisyoukai "The Sound of KABUKI music affecting a heart" Performance in Monteneguro The Saisyoukai Foundation for Hogaku-Hayashi Research and commemoration
Poland Polish-Japanese Forefathers' Eve 2018/2019 "And what is the soul's desire?" Theater X / Editor Products Co., Ltd.
Romania, Germany Namstrops "dance & education" Europe tour Non Profit Organization MIYAZAKI C-DANCE CENTER
Russia Prostaya Shkola & MI-LAB Mokuhanga Workshop Center for the Science of Human Endeavor
Russia, Kazakhstan Jun Kawasaki, Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory, Performance and Workshop in Russia and Kazakhstan Jun Kawasaki, Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory
Slovenia Sayuri Fujii and other performers "Japanese fairy tales" Performance and workshop in Slovenia Sayuri Fujii
Zambia, Ghana, Rwanda Nakagome Takanori Japan and Africa cultural exchange program Takanori Nakagome

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