Grant Program for Dispatching Artists and Cultural Specialists 2019 (2)

Asia and Oceania
Host Country Project Title Grantee
China "Dots and lines, and cube formed. The many different worlds inside. And light." in China mum&gypsy.LCC
China 30th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Performance "Nuhikun" A Laboratory of Theatre Play Banyu-Inryoku
Cambodia MUSIC SHARING (Classical Music) Cambodia Lecture Demonstration Workshop Non-Profit Organization MUSIC SHARING
Thailand Izumi Shinya Kyogen Thailand Tour Shinya Izumi
India Von・no-z and other Japanese artists Odisha Biennale Tour Tokyo-Odisha Cultural Exchange
New Zealand Kasumi Ueba (Ceramic Art) Lecture and Workshop in New Zealnad Kasumi Ueba
The Americas
Host Country Project Title Grantee
Canada koeosaeme [Electronics Sound Art] AKOUSMA Festival in Montreal Ryosuke Yoshizawa
U.S.A Music From Japan 45th Anniversary Season, Festival 2020, 5th Artist Residence Committee for Music From Japan
U.S.A Suguru Yamamoto "The Unknown Dancer in the Neighboring Town" in NY Arts Platform/Steep Slope Studio
U.S.A Osakan Philharmonic Winds (Concert Band) USA Tour Osakan Philharmonic Winds
U.S.A Chingdong-tsusinsya Boston-NewYork Tour Jyoma-planning and production office
Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras Awa Dance Group TAKARABUNE Central American Tour Genaral incorporated "Appcheez Enterprize"
Argentina Japanese Ukiyo-e Woodprint Katsutoshi Yuasa
Brazil Exhibition and Workshops by Masato Hirai and Yugafu Members Study Group of Local Culture and Heritage "Yugafu sha"
Colombia Kaori ITO "Je dance parce que je me mefie des mots " Autumn 2019 Tour Hiroshi Ito
Europe, Middle East and Africa
Host Country Project Title Grantee
Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland Eiko Ishibashi Trio Europe Tour Eiko Ishibashi band
Belgium, France, Netherlands IKAJA Kamishibai Tour in Europe: Workshops & Performances The International Kamishibai Association of Japan
Denmark Japan Denmark Collaboration project Dance&Choreography by Yoko Higashino "CORPO SURREAL" ANTIBODIES Collective
Denmark, Germany, Poland, UK GOAT and YPY Europe Tour Koshiro Hino
France Hatano Wataru "Rencontre" Lyon and Pérouges in France Wataru Hatano
France Min Tanaka "Locus Focus" in Poitiers Madada Inc.
Spain Tsuba: the guardians of the Samurai and their culture Chiko Okawa
Spain Yoshihiko Ito,"Nakagin Capsule Tower and Modern Japanese Housing Architecture" International Architecture Biennial, San Sebastian. Lecture and Workshop Yoshihiko Ito
Armenia Participation in 15th Rolan International Film Festival for Children and Youth Yoko Yuki
Bulgaria Theatre Company Ashibue "Gauche the Cellist" Bulgaria Tour Nonprofit Oraganization Ashibue
Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Poland Co. Ruri Mito "Sumika/Matou" Europe Tour Co.Ruri Mito
Latvia Prose Readings Festival 2019 Kyoko Nakajima
Latvia Prose Readings Festival 2019 THE JAPAN WRITERS' ASSOCIATION
Latvia Prose Readings Festival 2019 GBS Inc.
Lithuania Lithuanian-Japan, Young Artists Exchange Program KOMAGO TETSUTAROU
Poland Itte-Kette (Back and Forth) HYSLOM
Poland Shoshinz "A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup" shows and workshops in Poland Hiromi Yano
Poland 100th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Japan and Poland Theater X (Cai) "Ima wa Mukashi The Mission of KAGUYA" performance in Poland Editor Products Co. Ltd.
Russia, Kyrgyz Republic Japan Tuva Khoomei Association~wind from Eurasia Songs of tengrism~ Russia, Kyrgyz Republic Japan Tuva Khoomei Association
Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine ShamiPia Concert Honky Monkey Music Inc.
Ukraine, Romania "Theatre PUPPETERIA" Ukraine and Romania Tour Theatre PUPPETERIA
Republic of South Africa X [iksa] South African Tour Yasutaka Hemmi

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