Grant Program for Dispatching Artists and Cultural Specialists 2022 (1)

*The grantees listed below are those who have accepted the grant approval (agreed to the contents of the Notice of Grant Approval and the Terms and Conditions of the Programme) as of 2022/05/19.
Please note that the contents of the projects are either subject to change or cancellation.

Asia and Oceania
Host Country Project Title Grantee
Australia ASANO Akitoshi(Taiko)Australia Tour・Lecture・Demonstration・Workshop The Asano Foundation for Taiko Culture Reseach
Australia SAITO Eiichi(Taiko)Australia Tour・Lecture・Demonstration・Workshop SAITO Eiichi
The Americas
Host Country Project Title Grantee
U.S.A. Roppeita ⅩⅣ Commemorative Foundation(Noh)U.S.A.Tour Roppeita ⅩⅣ Commemorative Foundation
U.S.A. Tottori Jazz(Music)U.S.A. Tour・Demonstration・Workshop Tottori Jazz Executive Committee
U.S.A. YUKIO SUZUKI(Butoh・Dance)U.S.A.Tour・Workshop YUKIO SUZUKI projects
U.S.A. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon(Musical)U.S.A.Demonstration Nelke Planning co., ltd.
Europe, Middle East and Africa
Host Country Project Title Grantee
Italy, U.K., Romania TESHIGAWARA Saburo/ KARAS(Dance)Europe Tour・Workshop KARAS Company Limited
Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K., Hungary MINYO CRUSADERS(Music)Europe Tour・Workshop MINYO CRUSADERS
Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K., Poland FUJII Satoko(Music)Europe Tour TAMURA Satoko
U.K. FujiyamaAnnette(Theater・Dance)U.K. Tour FujiyamaAnnette
U.K., Hungary OKUYAMA Barabbas(Butoh)U.K. and Hungary Tour OKUYAMA Yusuke
Austria, Germany, Sweden INOUE Satoko(Music)Europe Tour ITO Satoko
Cyprus, Greece KURAHASHI Yodo(Music)Cyprus and Greece Tour・Workshop KURAHASHI Yoshio
Germany, Czech, Poland, U.A.E. YAMATO(Taiko)Europe,Middle EastTour Kongendo Co., Ltd.
Germany, Luxembourg, Lithuania Shadow Play Theatre KAKASHIZA(Shadow theater)Europe Tour・Workshop Shadow Play Theatre KAKASHIZA
France Oshima Noh Theater(Noh)France Tour Ltd.Kashinokibana Oshima Noh Theater
France First grade Landscape construction management engineer's meeting in Japan(Japanese garden)France Lecture・Demonstration・Workshop First grade Landscape construction management engineer's meeting in Japan
Georgia KATO Tokiko(Music)Georgia Tour・Workshop Tokiko Planning Co.,Ltd.
Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia Yamamoto Noh Theater(Noh)Eastern Europe Tour・Lecture・Workshop Yamamoto Noh Theater
Czech Kojima Shouten(Japanese crafts)Czech Lecture・Demonstration・Workshop Kojima Shouten Inc.
Czech Deku Art Forum(Puppet theater)Czech Tour・Demonstration・Workshop Deku Art Forum
Romania Kawai Project(Theater)Romania Tour Kawai Project
Iran MA Exhibition Executive Committee(Architecture)Iran Lecture・Demonstration・Workshop MA Exhibition Executive Committee

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