Grant Program for Dispatching Artists and Cultural Specialists 2023 (1)

*The grantees listed below are those who have accepted the grant approval (agreed to the contents of the Notice of Grant Approval and the Terms and Conditions of the Programme) as of 2023/05/01.
Please note that the contents of the projects are either subject to change or cancellation.

Asia and Oceania
Host Country Project Title Grantee
China Kodo, Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble(Taiko)China Tour Kitamaesen Co., ltd.
Indonesia KIMURA Hajime(Photography)Indonesia Tour・Workshop KIMURA Hajime
Indonesia SHINODA Chiharu(Theater)Indonesia Tour・Lecture・Workshop SHINODA Chiharu
Philippines GOCOO(Taiko)Philippines Tour TAWOO Co.,ltd
Thailand YOKOYAMA Yoshiji(Theate studies)Thailand Lecture Producers Connect Japan
The Americas
Host Country Project Title Grantee
U.S.A. Ensemble Kujoyama(Music)U.S.A. Tour・Workshop Ensemble Kujoyama
U.S.A. SAKAMOTO Hiromichi(Music)U.S.A. Tour SAKAMOTO Hiromichi
U.S.A. KHAMSIN(Music)U.S.A. Tour・Workshop Takatsuki Jazz Street Executive Committee
U.S.A. KPR/Kaimaku Pennant Race(Theater)U.S.A. Tour Office Kaimaku Inc.
Cuba HIRANO Keiichiro(Literature)Cuba Lecture Cork, Inc.
Peru AIHARA Kyoko(Kyoto culture)Peru Lecture AIHARA Kyoko
Europe, Middle East and Africa
Host Country Project Title Grantee
Austria,Germany KOGURE Miwazow・OKUMA Wataru(Music)Austria and Germany Tour・Lecture・Workshop KOGURE Miwazow
France NOMURA Man(Noh)France Tour Nikkei Inc.
France Setouchi Circus Factory(Circus)France Tour・Lecture・Demonstration・Workshop Setouchi Circus Factory
France,Germany,Norway ITOAYATURI NINGYOU ISSHIZA(Puppet theater)Western Europe Tour・Workshop ITOAYATURI NINGYOU ISSHIZA
France,Swizerland,U.K. AJATE(Music)Western Europe Tour・Workshop AJATEWORKS, LLC
Germany KUZKI Shaw(Children’s literature)Germany Lecture KUZKI Shaw
Germany ICHIHARA Satoko/Q(Theater)Germany Tour General Incorporated Association Q
Germany Nautilus(Music)Germany Tour SASAKI Toshiyuki
Germany Saeborg(Theater)Germany Tour・Demonstration Saeborg
Italy mum&gypsy(Theater)Italy Workshop mum&gypsy.LCC
Nederlands chelfitsch(Theater)Nederlands Tour chelfitsch
U.K. SANO Noboru(Noh)U.K. Lecture・Demonstration・Workshop International Noh Project Committee
Armenia,Georgia INOUE Hisayoshi(Music)Armenia and Georgia Tour INOUE Hisayoshi
Czech OBAMA Akihito(Shakuhachi)Czech Tour・Lecture・Demonstration・Workshop OBAMA Akihito
Czech YAMAMURA Koji(Animation)Czech Lecture・Workshop New Deer, Inc.
Moldova,Romania Theater Company 1980(Theater)Moldova and Romania Theater Company 1980
Senegal Baobab(Dance)Senegal Tour・Workshop Baobab

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