Grant Program for Dispatching Artists and Cultural Specialists 2024 (1)

*The grantees listed below are those who have accepted the grant approval (agreed to the contents of the Notice of Grant Approval and the Terms and Conditions of the Programme) as of 2024/05/01.
Please note that the contents of the projects are either subject to change or cancellation.

Asia and Oceania
Host Country Project Title Grantee
Korea The Last Queen Executive Committe(Opera)Korea Tour The Last Queen Executive Committee
Cambodia Worldship.Inc(Music)Cambodia Tour・Workshop Worldship.Inc
Indonesia Hayachine Take Kagura Preservation Society(Kagura)Indonesia Tour・Workshop Hayachine Take Kagura Preservation Society
Malaysia manizia(Dance)Malaysia Workshop Paracadance
Malaysia,Thailand Kodokan Judo Institute(Judo)Thailand・Malaysia Lecture・Demonstration・Workshop Kodokan Judo Institute
Thailand MATSUMOTO Takeshi(Dance)Thailand Tour・Workshop MATSUMOTO Takeshi
India The Japanese Drum HIBIKI(Taiko)India Tour・Lecture・Demonstration・Workshop Moonlight Project
The Americas
Host Country Project Title Grantee
U.S.A. ONE WOOD(Taiko)U.S.A. Tour・Demonstration・Workshop ONE WOOD
U.S.A. SOGAWA Daiki・Alain Sinandja(Dance)U.S.A. Demonstration NPO DANCE BOX
U.S.A. TANAKA Yumiko(Shamisen)U.S.A. Tour TANAKA Yumiko
Argentina,Brazil Sanrokuya Co. Ltd.(Music)Brazil・Argentina Tour・Workshop Sanrokuya Co. Ltd.
Brazil,Colombia SUZUKI Ryutaro(Music)Brazil・Colombia Tour・Lecture SUZUKI Ryutaro
Europe, Middle East and Africa
Host Country Project Title Grantee
Austria NAKAMA Ayaka(Dance)Austria Tour NAKAMA Ayaka
Belgium,Korea chelfitsch(Theater)Belgium・Korea Tour chelfitsch
Belgium,Netherlands,Romania KATO Kuniko(Music)Europe Tour・Lecture・Demonstration OFFICE OF KUNIKO KATO, LLC.
Belgium,Czech,Slovenia Puppet Theatre Puk(Puppet theater)Europe Tour Puppet Theatre Puk
France,Germany,Italy,Norway,Poland ITO Hiromi(Literature)Europe Tour・Lecture・Workshop ITO Hiromi
Germany SUZUKI Yukio(Butoh)Germany Tour・Workshop SUZUKI Yukio
Germany,Poland ZAZEN BOYS(Music)Poland・Germany Tour MUKAI Shutoku
U.K. The Karyobinga Shomyo kenkyukai Ensemble(Buddhism music)U.K. Tour・Demonstration The Karyobinga Shomyo kenkyukai Ensemble
U.K. KAMISATO Yudai(Theater)U.K. Tour・Workshop KAMISATO Yudai
Czech SHIGEYAMA Motohiko(Kyogen)Czech Tour・Lecture・Demonstration・Workshop SHIGEYAMA Motohiko
Estonia TAKATANI Shiro(Media performance)Estonia Tour Kyoto City music art cultural Promoting Foundation
Georgia ensemble Kobe(Music)Georgia Tour・Lecture・Workshop ensemble Kobe
Kazakhstan KATSUMURA Mayuko(Music)Kazakhstan Tour・Lecture・Workshop International Cultural Exchange Project Committee
Turkey OHKURA Motonari(Kyogen)Turkey Tour OHKURA Motonari
Turkey YOKOTA Yoshiaki(Manga)Turkey Lecture・Demonstration・Workshop World Cartoon Forum
Cameroon,Zambia J-ABS(Sports)Cameroon・Zambia Lecture・Demonstration・Workshop Japan-Africa Baseball & Softball Foundation
Senegal DANCE PJ REVO(Dance)Senegal Tour DANCE PJ REVO

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