Grant Program for Global Partnerships Programs Conferences (FY 2013-2014)

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  • *The names of organizations and project titles are as of April, 2012 when the grants were awarded


Grantees Project Title
The Hope Institute 5th Community Business Japan-Korea Forum, Community Business for Society Facing Aging Population and Low Birth Rate
Journal of Korean Modern and Contemporary Art History Art Exchange between Korean and Japanese during the Colonial Period
Strategy Institute for Great-Power Korea China's Rising and Cooperation between Japan and Korea: Correspondence through Multi-lateral Discussion in East Asia
Dongseo University The 10th Anniversary International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences in Busan, The Korea-Japan Next-Generation Academic Forum

Grantees Project Title
National Chengchi University, College of Foreign Languages & Literature Globalization and Localization of Japanese Studies - Reaching out to the World and Enhancing Regional Development
Grantees Project Title
East Asian Research Center, China University of Political Science and Law [China and East Asia] International Forum series 2 : East Asian New Order-Cooperation and Collaboration
Japanese language and Culture Institute, College of foreign Studies, Shenyang Aerospace University The First International Symposium on China, Japan, South Korea Culture's Comparative Study
The Department of History, Faculty of Humanities, Yanbian University The North-East China and Modern Japan: International Conference at the Yanbian University
The Department of History, Faculty of Humanities, Yanbian University The North-East China and Modern Japan: International Conference at the Yanbian University
Tongji University Center for Asia-Pacific Studies Examining China-Japan Relation at the Practical Level
Center for Japanese Studies, Shanghai Jiaotong University Rebalance toward the Asia-Pacific Region and the Trilatetal Relationship between China, the USA, and Japan.
Hong Kong Shue Yan University International Conference on Sustainable Conservation and Use of Cultural and Natural Heritage in Japan and China: Comparative Studies and Cross-sectorial Dialogue
Grantees Project Title
The Society for Research on Women's History (Tokyo) International Symposium on Women's / Gender History in East Asia (China, Korea and Japan)
AVPN Japan AVPN Venture Philanthropy Workshop
The Institute for Korean Studies, Waseda University The Summer Camp Program for East Asian Young Historians
Japan Center for Contemporary Islamic Studies Research on Energy and Infrastructure Development in South Asia and Islamic Area of Myanmar
East Asia Environmental Information Express Messenger East Asia Climate Forum 2013
Nonprofit Organization "The Genron NPO" The Ninth Beijing- Tokyo Forum
NHK International, Inc. Crisis Management Seminar for Pacific Island nations' Broadcasters at the ABU-AIBD Pacific Media Partnership Committee and Associated Events in the Republic of Vanuatu
Waseda University, Organization for Islamic Area Studies Islamic Area Studies Lahore International Conference: New Horizons in Islamic Area Studies -Encounters, Reflections and Collaborations
Ancient Futures Association Japan Concluding the Dialogue - Towards a New Economic Paradigm
WiA Transnational Dialogue for Sustainable Asia - Social Innovation Exchange from Asia
Nonprofit Organization, Japan Good Toy Association World Toy Summit 2013
AC21 General Secretariat AC21 International Graduate Summer School "Green Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future"
Japan-China Relations Academy of Japan The Holding of a Symposium with China-Japan Historical Relations Academy of China
The Institute for Political Studies in Japan Japan-China Symposium on "Internet, Civil Society and Governance"
Tokai University The Third Japan-Peru University Presidents’ Meeting
Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture, Second Division Japan Argentina Architecture Forum
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan Second International Science Fiction Symposium
Arun Lab International Symposium: Social Entrepreneurs and Social Investment
The Japan Association for the Promotion of Arts Japanese Art Seminar
NPO “Japan-Russia Society” Japan-Russia Far Eastern Forum 2013
Russian-Japanese Conference of Specialists in Academia and Journalism The fourth Russian-Japanese Conference of Specialists in Academia and Journalism
Eurasia 21 Research Institute The new international order and the Pacific area Vladivostok Forum-2013
Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, Seikei University Academic meeting and open symposium on the internment of Japanese in the Soviet Union 1945-1956
The Organizing Committee for Symposium “Iraq 10 years on” International Symposium “Iraq 10 years on; conflicts – migrations – futures”
The Shinrai Capital Foundation Japan-UK exchange program of Social Finance for Reconstruction Finance
Boissonade Institute of Modern Law and Politics Japanese Russian Conference of Historians, Parallel History Project
Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Future Design Institute Japan x Africa x World III: Spaces for Transforming Violence into Peace


Grantees Project Title
Department of Architecture and Planning, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada A Model Case: Localizing Disaster Simulation and Response Drills through Iza! Kaeru Caravan & Bokomi (Bosai Community) in Yogyakarta & Padang, Indonesia
Rujak Center for Urban Studies International Exchange on Creativity in Disaster Preparedness
Center for Japanese Studies, University of Indonesia International Seminars: "Mass Media and Disaster: Building A Better Understanding (Discussion of Indonesia and Japan for Mass Media Role in Disaster Risk)"
Grantees Project Title
Institute of Southeast Asia Studies (ISEAS) ASEAN-Japan Relations
Grantees Project Title
Seameo Spafa International Conference on Cultural Heritage and Disaster Risk Reduction
ASEAN University Network AUN Policy-Action Workshop on Health Promotion in Japan and ASEAN: Towards a Cross-border and Interdisciplinary Collaboration on the Roles of Universities in Societal-Communal Empowerment for Sustainable Wellness
Grantees Project Title
Philippine Social Science Council Ageing in Asia-Pacific: Balancing the State and the Family
Philippine Institute of Environmental Planners Moving Forward: Applying the Lessons of Community Sustainability
Water, Agroforestry, Nutrition and Development Foundation Forging Disaster Resilient Communities
Grantees Project Title
The University of Danang Symposium of History and Prospect of Vietnam-Japan Relations from the Outlook of Central Vietnam
Grantees Project Title
Institute of Strategic and International Studies Malaysia The 27th Asia-Pacific Roundtable


Grantees Project Title
Navdanya Trust Reimagining the Human - Nature Relationship; Learning from Disasters
Samutthan Foundation Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Disaster Management - Comparative Study of Japan and India
Department of Geopolitics and International Relations, Manipal University Promoting Indo-Japanese Strategic Dialogue


Grantees Project Title
Hawke Research Institute, University of South Australia States of Emergency: The Emotional Costs of Global Disasters and Regional Emergencies.
The University of Queensland, School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies Worldmaking: 37th Congress of the Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association (AULLA)
University of Tasmania Shaping Women's Bodies Through Kimono and Costume in Post-Meiji Japan


Grantees Project Title
Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Saskatchewan Japan’s Next Economy: Digital Content, Environmental Technology and Bio-Technology
University of Ottawa Challenges and Opportunities for Integrating Gender and Diversity into Tohoku Reconstruction: Policy Insights from Canadian Experiences with Intersectionality
University of British Columbia Symposium on Early Modern Japanese Values and Individuality


Grantees Project Title
Architecture and Urbanism Institute, Sao Paulo University Analysis of Japanese Traditional Wall Construction Method in Brazil: Colonial House Survey of Immigrants in Registro
Japan-Brazil Cultural Institute 8th International Environment Forum Brazil-Japan: Solid Waste Recycling


Grantees Project Title
Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University Dialogue of Armenian, Russian and Japanese Cultures: The Experience of Comparative Analysis
Grantees Project Title
 “L’Orientale” University of Naples Maritime East Asia in the Light of History, 16th-18th Centuries. Sources, Archives, Researches: Present Results and Future Perspectives
Grantees Project Title
King’s College London ‘The Sea in the Middle’ :Historical, Comparative and Strategic Perspectives on the Roles of the East China Sea in Sino-Japanese Relations
Disaster and Development Centre, Faculty of Engineering and Environment, Northumbria Dealing with Disasters International Conference (DwD 2013) together with the 4th Conference of the International Society for Integrated Disaster Risk Management (IDRiM2013)
University of London, The School of Oriental and African Studies Re-joining the 19th Century: Interpreting Geographical and Historical Boundaries in Japanese Arts and Culture of the Meiji Period.
Grantees Project Title
Salzburg Global Seminar Japanese Leadership and Participation in Salzburg Global Seminar
Grantees Project Title
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid International Conference “ Via Japan: Japan-Imprinted Discourses”
Universidad de Salamanca Japanese and Spanish University Presidents Conference : Towards a common research space
CIDOP Barcelona Centre for International Affairs Japan and Spain : Two Developed Economies Facing a Lost Decades
Grantees Project Title
European Center for Peace and Development The Ninth ECPD International Conference
Grantees Project Title
German Association for Social Science Research on Japan Social Inequality in Japan: A Reassessment
Faculty of Arts at the University of Bonn Film as Performance Art
Grantees Project Title
Aleksanteri Institute(Finnish Centre for Russian and Eastern European Studies),University of Helsinki International Workshop “Modernities Scrutinized Russia and Japan in comparison”
Grantees Project Title
French National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations International Conference: Betraying the Rule – in the Praise of Singularities in Contemporary Japan
French National Center for Scientific Research Theory and Practice of Care: International Comparisons
Council of Europe Intercultural cities: Assessing the impact of intercultural integration policies
Grantees Project Title
The German Marshall Fund of the United States Brussels Forum 2014
BRUEGEL Japan and the EU in th global economy –challenges and opportunities
Grantees Project Title
The Polish Institute of International Affairs New Factors Determining Changes in Energy Policies in the World
Department of Japanology and Sinology, Jagiellonian University “Japanese Civilization: Tokens and Manifestations”
Grantees Project Title
Mykolas Romeris University The International Conference “ Japan and Europe in Global Communication”
Grantees Project Title
Non-Profit organization ’Center for business- communicators’ “Japan-Russia ‘Dialogue of Cultures’ Business’ and Media’s contribution”
Omsk F.M. Dostoevsky State University The importance and role of international cultural exchange in the provincial towns in the framework of  <Japan culture in Omsk> project
Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University Ecodesign International Conference: Ecological Safety Through Design


Grantees Project Title
Mekelle University International Workshop “Transforming the Cultural Landscape of Ethiopia”
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