List of Fellows in 2013: The Americas

The Americas

Name Institution Title Project Title Adviser's Name Adviser's Institution Adviser's Title
BAXTER, Joshua Philip University of Toront Ph. D. Candidate Nation, Capital, and the Sacred: A Historical Analysis of Yasukuni Shrine MATSUMOTO Takenori The University of Tokyo Professor
COUGHLIN, Melanie, Dawn McGill University Ph. D. Candidate Nishitani's Engagement with German Philosophy KETA Masako Kyoto University Professor
D'ORANGEVILLE, Akané Pauline University of Montreal Ph. D. Candidate Mental health, Cultural Communities and Youth in Urban Japan: Creatively Helping Each Other RICKETTS Robert Wako University Professor
GAUTHIER, Darcy Leon University Of Toront Ph. D. Candidate A Cross-Cultural Study of Ghost Narratives KONO Shion Sophia University Associate Professor
LUSHCHENKO, Alexey University of British Columbia Ph. D. Candidate Transformations of Genpei War Discourse in Premodern Japan and East Asia: Cultural Exchange, Language Choice, and Visions of the Past. SAEKI Shinichi Aoyama Gakuin University Professor
United States of America
Name Institution Title Project Title Adviser's Name Adviser's Institution Adviser's Title
ABEL, Jessamyn Reich Pennsylvania State University Senior Lecturer The Soft Power of Hardware: The Bullet Train in Postwar Japan’s Foreign Policy      
ABEL, Jonathan Penn State Unversity Assistant Professor The New Real: Marketing, Rhetoric, and Media in an Age of Cynicism      
BECKWITH, Christopher Irving Indiana University Full Professor Central and West Asian Loanwords in Early Japanese      
BROWNE, Jyana Sunshine University of Washington Ph. D. Candidate Creating a Public: Love Suicide on the Osaka Stage, 1703-1722 KODAMA Ryuichi Waseda University Professor
DEWITT, Lindsey Elizabeth University of California, Los Angeles Ph. D. Candidate Lifting the Barrier: Women's Access to Sacred Mountains in Early Modern Japan RHODES Robert F. Otani University Professor
DIDI-OGREN, Holly HK The College of New Jersey Japanese Program Coordinator Language and Place: The life of Iwate Dialects in relation to gender, region, and social place OONO Makio Iwate University Professor
FEDMAN, David Abraham Stanford University Ph. D. Candidate The Roots of Empire: Japanese Forestry in Colonial Korea, 1900-1945 KASE Kazugtoshi The University of Tokyo Professor
FELT, Matthieu Anthony James Columbia University Ph. D. Candidate Reading the Past: A History of Nihon shoki Exegesis SHINADA Yoshikazu The University of Tokyo Professor
FLUECKIGER, Peter Pomona College Associate Professor Hori Keizan: An Eighteenth-Century Kyoto Confucian      
FOULK, Emi Joanne University of California, Los Angeles Ph. D. Candidate Kokugaku's Linguistic Utopias: Grammar and Aurality KUROZUMI Makoto The University of Tokyo Professor
FRASER, Karen Santa Clara University Assistant Professor Conceptualizing Photography in Nineteenth-Century Japan: A Case Study Focusing on the Tomishige Studio HIRASAWA Caroline Sophia University Associate Professor
FREEMAN, Laurie Anne University of California, Santa Barbara Associate Professor Atomic Allergy, Nuclear Addiction?: Japan's Nuclear Path in Historical and Comparative Perspective HIWATARI Nobuhiro The University of Tokyo Professor
FRIEDRICH, Daniel Gregory McMaster University Ph. D. Candidate Pure Land Buddhism on the Frontier: Shin Buddhism in Hokkaido SAKURAI Yoshihide Hokkaido University Professor
GELLERT, Carl Archer University of California, Berkeley Ph. D. Candidate Death Re-envisioned: Cross-cultural Contact and the Material Culture of Japan's Fujinoki Tomb MORIMOTO Susumu Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties Chief
GOUGE, Kevin Lee University of Michigan Ph. D. Candidate The Ties that Bind: Land, Inheritance, and Kinship in Medieval Japan KURUSHIMA Noriko The University of Tokyo Professor
JACKSON, Reginald Roland University of Chicago Assistant Professor Incalculable Bodies: Noh Dance-Drama and its Technologies of Capture YAMANAKA Reiko Hosei University Professor
KANAGAWA, Nadia University of Southern California Ph. D. Candidate Making the Realm, Civilizing the Foreign: Immigrant Lineages and the Nara and Early Heian State YAMAGUCHI Hideo The University of Tokyo Professor
KINGSBERG, Miriam Lynn University of Colorado Boulder Assistant Professor The Japandean Tragedy: The Inca in Postwar Japan      
MATSUURA, Katherine Kyu Yale University Ph.D. Candidate Islands of Conflict: A Maritime Realm in the Formation of Modern Japan SUZUKI Jun The University of Tokyo Professor
MORIMOTO, Ryo Brandeis University Ph. D. Candidate Memorizing History: Socio-Cultural Continuity in Post 3.11 Japan SLATER David H. Sophia University Associate Professor
PERRY, Samuel Brown University Assistant Professor Feeling the Korean War in Japan: Culture and Politics in the ‘Postwar’ Era CAPRIO Mark E. Rikkyo University Professor
SCHWEMMER, Patrick Reinhart Princeton University Ph. D. Candidate Samurai, Jesuits, Puppets, and Bards: The End(s) of the Japanese Ballad KOBAYASHI Kenji National Institute of Japanese Literature Professor
SHIELDS, James Mark Bucknell University Assistant Professor Spring and Asura: Modernism and Progressivism in Japanese Buddhism, 1886-1936 SUEKI Fumihiko International Research Institute for Japanese Studies Professor
SUZUKI, Taku Denison University Assistant Professor A Comparative Study of Japanese and Okinawan Battle Ruins Pilgrimages to the Northern Mariana Islands NISHIMURA Akira The University of Tokyo Associate Professor
TAKENAKA, Akiko University of Kentucky Assistant Professor War, Trauma, and Postwar in Japan and East Asia KARLIN Jason G. The University of Tokyo Associate Professor
TETE-ROSENTHAL, Dede Cornell University Ph.D. Candidate West African Migrants in Tokyo: Performing Flexible Identities in a Transnational Context ROBERTS Glenda S. Waseda University Professor
WU, Jiang University of Arizona Associate Professor The Image of Edo Japan in the Travel Writings of Chinese Buddhist Monks      
YOSHIHAMA, Mieko University of Michigan Professor PhotoVoice: Examination of Women’s Recovery and Growth following Great East Japan Disasters FUKUSHIMA Kiyoko Japan Lutheran College Professor
Name Institution Title Project Title Adviser's Name Adviser's Institution Adviser's Title
MALDONADO RODRIGUERA, Rebeca National Autonomous University Mexico Associate Professor Translation into Spanish of Hajime Tanabe's Philosophy an Metanoetics Revision of the Translation HEISIG James.W Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture Permanent Research Fellow
VILLASEÑOR RODRÍGUEZ, Fernando University of British Columbia Ph. D. Candidate The Social Security System and its Constitutional Protection: a comparative analysis between Japan and Mexico KIKUCHI Yoshimi Waseda University Professor
Name Institution Title Project Title Adviser's Name Adviser's Institution Adviser's Title
CORREIA, Leonardo Baptista Catholic University of Sao Paulo Assistant Professor Are things the same? An inquiry about the newest developments in international trade between Japan and Brazil HAMAGUCHI Nobuaki Kobe University Professor

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