List of Fellows in 2014: Asia


State/Region Name Current Position Area of Research Project Title Affiliation in Japan
(※Not necessary for short-term fellowship)
People's Republic of China BI, Shihong Professor, School of International Studies, Yunnan University International Relations A Study about the Possibility of Cooperation between Japan and China in Mekong Region Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo
People's Republic of China CHAN, Christian Shaunlyn Assistant Professor, The University of Hong Kong Psychology The influence of social cognition on intergroup apology: A cross-cultural study ※Short-term
People's Republic of China GAN, Nengqing Dean of Japanese Language, School of Foreign Studies, South China Normal University Game Theory and Pragmatics An analysis of Rakugo's Speech Model on Game Theory ※Short-term
People's Republic of China GAO, Lan Deputy Dean, Professor, School of Political Science and International Relations, Tongji University International Relations, Japan-China Relations Study Japan's International Strategy as a Marine Nation - from Yoshida Doctrine to Fukuda Doctrine Waseda University
People's Republic of China GAO, Wei PhD Candidate, School of Foreign Language, Peking University Japanese Culture Analysis of Bakumatsu Kokugaku from the Cultural Nationalism - with Atsutane Hirata at the center of the movement Ritsumeikan University
People's Republic of China JIANG, Yiqiao Associate Professor, School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Beijing Normal University Japanese Ancient Literature, Comparative Literature between Japan and China Reading Literature and Song History of Heian Era Waseda University
People's Republic of China LI, Hong Associate Professor, School of Foreign Studies, Nanjing Agricultural University Agricultural History of Japan and China Comparative Study on Chinese and Japanese Modern Farmers' Vocational Education Kyoto University
People's Republic of China LI, Jieling Researcher and Lecturer, Guangdong University of Education Comparison Research between Japanese and Chinese Poems Meiji Chinese poetry, Qing Dynasty's poetic works in Japan and communication between Japan and China Tokyo Gakugei University
People's Republic of China LI, Yiwen PhD Candidate, Yale University East Asian History Networks of Profit and Faith: Spanning the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea, 900-1550 Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University
People's Republic of China LUO, Fengyun PhD Candidate, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Sociology Functions of Agricultural villages in Japan and its sustainability - Formation of Community Farming and Cumulation of Farm Land Hitotsubashi University
People's Republic of China WANG, Haiyan Associate Professor, Zhejiang University Japanese History Disasters, Kingship and State in the Heian period The Historiographical Institute, The University of Tokyo
People's Republic of China WANG, Zanwei PhD Candidate, The Institute of Qing History, School of History, Renmin University of China Modern History of China (Disaster History) The disintegration and revival of families: Comparative Study of Tangshan earthquake disaster and Hanshin earthquake disaster The University of Tokyo
People's Republic of China WANG, Zuoquan Professor, Politics and Law school of Qinghai Normal University Commercial Law, Corporation Law Study on the History of Commercial Law's Development in Japan Nagoya University
People's Republic of China XIAO, Jun Associate Professor, The Institute of Law, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Law A Comparative Study on Sino-Japan Urban Planning Law Hitotsubashi University
People's Republic of China YANG, QingSong PhD Candidate, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Japanese Culture and Thought View of nature in Edo period of Japan International Christian University
People's Republic of China ZHANG, Yong Full-time Lecturer, Foreign Language School, Yangzhou University Japanese Language Education A research on practical studies of intercultural communication in Japanese language education ※Short-term
People's Republic of China ZHOU, Jian Gao Researcher, Institute of Japanese Studies, Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences History, Sociology Research of the Japanese Public Housing System ※Short-term
Republic of Korea HAN, Jung-Sun Nina Associate Professor, Graduate School of International Studies, Korea University Modern Japanese History Professionalization of News Reporters in Imperial Japan,1905-1937 Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University
Republic of Korea KIM, Dong Hoon Assistant Professor, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Oregon Film, Media, and Cultural Studies Migrating with the Movies: Japanese Migrants' Film Culture in Colonial Korea Tokyo Metropolitan University
Republic of Korea KIM, Sung Jin Dean/Professor, College of Humanities, Pusan National University Korean Literature Written in Chinese Character A Study on the exchange of poems and writings between the members of the Korean Royal Emissaries and the literary men belonging to the Youransha in the 18th Century Kyoto University
Republic of Korea KIM, Yong Kyoung PhD Candidate, Center for Communication Studies, School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University Journalism and Communication (Global Communication) Maritime disputes in East Asia and the role of the Mass media: Focusing on the analysis from the major media reports in Japan, South Korea, and China Centre for Contemporary Korean Studies, The University of Tokyo
Republic of Korea LEE, Kitae Researcher, Yonsei Institute for North Korean Studies, Yonsei University Japan's Diplomacy, International Relations in East Asia China's Rise and Multilateral Security Conference in East Asia: Japanese Middle-Power Diplomacy and Japan-Korea Cooperation KEIO Centre for Contemporary Korean Studies
Republic of Korea LEE, Sujin PhD Candidate, College of Arts and Sciences, Cornell University Modern Japanese History Racialized Bodies of Empire: The Politics of Anthropology and the Science of Racial Politics in the Japanese Empire Doshisha University
Republic of Korea PARK, Giryung Part-time Lecturer, Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Science, Chung-Ang University Art of Image Science (Animation) Search on experimental animated films and the trend of art and culture in Japan in the 1960s ※Short-term
Republic of Korea PARK, Haenam PhD Candidate, College of Social Sciences, Seoul National University Historical Sociology, Sociology of Culture, and Sociology of Sport A Sociological Study on the Social Impact of the Olympic Games in Seoul and Tokyo - Urban Renovation, Consumer Culture, and Habituating Developmentalism - Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo
Republic of Korea PARK, Sun Young PhD Candidate, Department of Social Welfare, Chung-Ang University Social Policy, Comparative Study of Welfare States Young generation's employment problems and East Asia's selections: Employment strategies for achieving work-life balances Doshisha University
Republic of Korea SHIM, Jaekyom PhD Candidate, Department of History and Cultural Studies, Freie Universität Berlin Global History Song for the Masses: Popular Music and Cold War Subjectivity in Postwar Japan and South Korea from a Global Perspective Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo
Republic of Korea SUNG, Hae-Jun Professor, School of International Cultural Studies, Tongmyong University History of Japanese Thought Ideological characteristics of the reception of Mingxin Baojian into Japanese Edo period Kana Zoshi literature Kyushu University
Mongolia SOSORBURAM, Amarbat Researcher, Institute of International Studies, Mongolian Academy of Sciences Social and Cultural Anthropology Finding out Japanese Records and Preparation for Literature Review toward Historical Analysis of Japan-Mongolian Relationship in the Beginning of the 20th century Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Mongolia URANGUA, Jamsran Professor, School of Social Sciences, National University of Mongolia History of Mongolia, International Relations in Northeast Asia in the Late Ninteenth - Early Twentieth Century How Mongolia was influenced by First Sino-Japanese War, Russo-Japanese War and geopolitical changes in North Asia Graduate school of Global Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Taiwan CHUANG, Hsing-Ju Post-Doctoral Studies, Tunghai University Criminal Procedure Law A Study on Citizen Participation in Criminal Trial in Japan Kyoto University
Taiwan HSIAO, Ming-Li Visiting Research Fellow, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo History The Impact of the Continuity of Japanese Technology on Early Postwar Industrial Development in Taiwan and China: A Case Study of the Japan Material Reparation The University of Tokyo
Taiwan Lin, Minghuang Assistant Professor, National Chiayi University Education (Curriculum Development, Teaching Research) The Research of School Management and Curriculum Development after Tohoku Earthquake in Japan Tokyo Gakugei University
Indonesia ONG, Susy Secretary of Department, Department of Japanese Area Studies, University of Indonesia Japan's Contemporary History New Life movement: National Project for Modernization in postwar Japan Nihon University
Malaysia CHIONG, Wai Yee PhD Candidate, Princeton University Japanese Art History A Medley of Brushes: Painting Collaborations in Eighteenth-century Japan Gakushuin University
Thailand KRISDATHANONT, Duantem Assistant Professor, Chulalongkorn University Modern and Contemporary Japanese Literature The Images of Female Protagonists as Kannon Bodhisattva in Okamoto Kanoko's Literary Works Waseda University
Vietnam MAI, Nguyen Ngoc Lecturer, Foreign Trade University Environmental Economics, International Economics Impact of trade activities between Vietnam and Japan on the environmental load - From the point of view of pollution haven hypothesis- Kyoto University
Vietnam NGUYEN, Khoi Luong Hai Lecturer, Ho Chi Minh City University of Pedagogy Aesthetics Buddhist Zen aesthetics in Kawabata Yasunari's works - Point of view from his "Mirror world" Hiroshima University
Vietnam TRAN, Nhung Thi Head of Department, Institute for Northeast Asian Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences Social Security Studies 2012 Social Security Reform Related to the Japanese Elderly - Experiences For Vietnam ※Short-term
India BEHL, Benoy Krishen Chair, Buddhist Studies, Institute of Indology, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Buddhist Art Research and Documentation of the shared deities and artistic representations of Japan and India Tezukayama University
India GHOSH, Madhuchanda Assistant Professor, Presidency University International Relations Changing Dynamics of Japan-India Economic and Political Relations: Ensuing prospects for a Robust Engagement Rikkyo University
India SATHE, Priyal Anant PhD Candidate, Center for Performing Arts, University of Pune Music (Hindustani Vocal) Application of Gamak in Indian Khayal and Melisma in Japanese Kayoukyoku (selected): A comparative study Kyoto University of Education
India SREEDHARA, Thirthapura Nanjundaiah Professor, Institution Department of Business Administration, Mangalore University Third Sector, Sustainable Development, Management, and Government Dynamics of Sustainable Development through Local Participation: A Socio-Cultural Analysis of Japanese Experience and Lessons for India Ritsumeikan University
India VAJRAKARUR, Srilakshmi PhD Candidate, Loyola College Foreign Direct Investment Japanese and United States Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Manufacturing Sector: A Comparative Study Keio University
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