List of Fellows in 2016: Asia


State/Region Name Current Position Area of Research Project Title Affiliation in Japan
(※Not necessary for short-term fellowship)
China CAO, Bin Associate Professor, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Agricultural Economics The Study for Structure Change of Agricultural Operation and the Functions of Agricultural Cooperations in Japan Tokyo University of Agriculture
China GAO, Jie Lecturer, Beijing Jiaotong University City Planning Policy; Landscape Culture History Landscape Right Protection within the City Planning: Comparative Research between China and Japan Chuo University
China HUA, Rui PhD Candidate, Harvard University Japanese Colonialism and Modern Sino-Japanese History The Defiant Manchukuo: Sino-Russo-Japanese and the Making of the Japanese Imperial Enterprise on the Frontiers, 1900-1945 Waseda University
China LIU, Jun Associate Professor, Peking University Press Civil Society Theory, Japan-China Relations, Comparative Politics The Role of Japanese Civil Society Organizations in Post-3/11 Earthquake Recovery and its Inspirations to China Keio University
China LIU, Xing Associate Professor, School of Political Science and Public Administration, China University of Political and Law
Vice Dean
International Politics, Japan-U.S. Relation, East Asia's Region The Progress of U.S.-Japan Alliance and its Influence on Japan's Security Policy-from the View of Regional Security Seikei University
China MA, Jun Research Professor, History Institute, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences History of Cultural Exchange between China and Japan The Oriental Library and Modern Academic Exchange between China and Japan. Toyo Bunko & Nihon University
China MO, Yi PhD Candidate, University of Oxford History of Ideas, Japanese History “Rational History” and the Discourse on Political Authority in Nineteenth Century Japan The University of Tokyo
China REN, Xiaofei PhD Candidate, Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Northeast Asian Regional Cooperation Northeast Asian Regional Environmental Cooperation Hokkaido University
China WANG, Yaozhen PhD Candidate, Nankai University History of Sino-Japan Relationship Movement of Anti-Japanese Products in Modern China and Japan's Coping Tactics Otsuma Women's University
China XU, Yiping Head of Center, Professor, Beijing Foreign Studies University Language Study of Japanese A Comparative Study of Language and Culture between China and Japan: the Case of “Mitate” Soka University
China YANG, Wei Director, Professor, Sichuan International Studies University Studies on Comparative Culture between China and Japan; Japan A Comparative Research into Japanese Studies in China and Chinese Studies in Japan: An Exploration of the Possibility of their Cross-reference The University of Tokyo
China YUAN, Ye PhD Candidate, Columbia University Early Modern Chinese and Japanese The Lure of the Vernacular: Early Modern Japanese Authors and their Hakuwa Literary Creations Osaka University
China ZHANG, Yanru Associate Professor, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Modern History of Japan Disputes on “Kokutai” in Modern Japan International Research Center for Japanese Studies
Korea CHOI, Mimi PhD Candidate, Sookmyung Women's University Early Childhood Care and Education Teacher's Role for Integration in Early Childhood Education and Care in Japan Ochanomizu University
Korea CHOI, Min Uk Research Fellow, Korea China Economy Association/Korea Future Foundation IPE, Economic Development and Cooperation in the NEA, etc. Study on Construction of the Local Government Cooperation System among Three of the North East Asia Countries (Japan, China, and Korea) and the Initiative Role of Japan Waseda University
Korea CHUNG, Eun Bin Assistant Professor, University of Utah International Relations/Political Psychology “We Like You Enough to Cooperate”: National Identity and Affinity in Japan's International Relations Waseda University
Korea JANG, Moon-seok PhD Candidate, Seoul National University Modern Korean Literature (Comparative Lit.) The Interplay of Thoughts on 'Asia': Japanese and Korean Literatures in the 1960's and 70's Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Korea JUNG, Sinhyeok PhD Candidate, University of Toronto Modern Japanese History, East Asia Intellectual History Re-encountering Colonialisms: Social Movement in Japan, Okinawa, South Korea and their Transnational Critiques of Cold War Neocolonialism, 1960-1979 Doshisha University
Korea KIM, Yonglyun Associate Professor, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Educational Policy and Administration Building Community Capacity for Education: A Case Study of School-Community Partnerships in Japan Yamaguchi University
Korea KYUNG, Jeihee Visiting Research Fellow, The Institute for Far Eastern Studies, Kyungnam University Comparative Politics, Political Process A Study of Local Organizations' Role for Politician's Recruitment in Japan ※ Short-term
Korea NA, Ju Hyun PhD Candidate, Sung Kyun Kwan University Contemporary History of Korea/The Korea-Japan Relationship History Competition and Transformation of Korean Reunification Movement and Anti-Communist Nationalism in Japan Hitotsubashi University
Korea RYU, Seungjin Associate Curator, National Museum of Korea Japanese Art (Japan Gallery, Asian Art Section) From Idol to Art: The Transformation of Japanese Buddhist Sculptures from the 17th to the early 20th century Kyoto University
Korea SOHN, Sukeui PhD Candidate, Seoul National University Japanese Politics Electoral Cartel for Domination: The LDP-Komeito Cooperation in Urban Districts The University of Tokyo
Korea SONG, Kang Jik Professor, Dong-A University Law (Labor Law) A Study on Labor Dispute Resolution System and Operation of the Contract of Employment in Japan Kyushu University
Mongolia DASHDELEG, Dashdulam Associate Professor, National University of Mongolia History National Security Policy of Japan and Youth Patriotism Aoyama Gakuin University
Mongolia BATBOLD, Amarsanaa Chair Department of Private Law, National University of Mongolia School of Law Corporate Law and Corporate Governance Recent Development and Current Scholarly Discussion on Legal Environment of Corporate Groups in Japan ※ Short-term
Taiwan CHEN, Kuan-Jen PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge Cold War History, East Asia International History The Establishment of a Maritime Order in Cold War East Asia amongst China, Japan, Taiwan, and the United States, 1945-1979 The University of Tokyo
Taiwan SU, Yao Tsung Professor, Providence University The Postwar History of Taiwan A Comparative Study of the U.S. Occupation Policies toward Taiwan, Okinawa and Japan. Kanagawa University
Taiwan YU, Shu-Chun Associate Professor, The University of Zheijiang Chinese Modern History, Diplomatic History of Modern East Asia The Research of Japan's Colonial Policy on the Korean Empire(1895-1910) and the Change of International order in East Asia The University of Tokyo
Malaysia MOHD HUDA, Mohd Ikbal bin Researcher, University of Malaya Japan Studies Program (Political Economy) Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA) to Malaysia 1966-2015: Impact on the Socioeconomic Development Yokohama National University
Myanmar Thi Thi Soe San Associate Professor, Mandalay University Political Science, International Relations Civil Service Reforms in Japan: Toward Competitiveness and Competency International University of Japan
Singapore HO, Hui Shan Michelle PhD Candidate, Stony Brook University Cultural Studies Coping with Precarity: Affective Labor and QueerAttachments in Japan's Drag Cafes The University of Tokyo
Singapore KAM, Thiam Huat PhD Candidate, Rutgers, The State of University of New Jersey Media Studies Affects, Places, Creativity: An Ethnographic Study of Media Fans and their Activities in Japan Kyoto Seika University
Singapore TONG, Koon Fung PhD Candidate, The Australian National University East Asian Studies Negotiating Old Age Through Music: Understanding the Japanese Popular Music Genre 'ENKA' as Aging Practice and Discourse Osaka University
Thailand CHIRASOMBUTTI, Voravudhi Assistant Professor, Chulalongkorn University Japanese Linguistics Languages in Japanese Society Waseda University
Vietnam LUU, Thi Thu Thuy Researcher, Institute of Social Sciences Information of Viet Nam Japanese Literature and Japanese Culture About Ancestor Worship Belief in Vietnam and Japan Today: A Comparative Study Kokugakuin University
Bangladesh RAHMAN, Md. Siddiqur Associate Professor, Jahangirnagar University Cultural Anthropology Globalization, Higher Educational Reform and Social Class Mobility in Japan St. Andrew's University
Bangladesh SHAHABUDDIN, Mohammad Lecturer, Keele University International Law Making Sense of the 'Standard of Civilization' in International Law: An Alternative Narrative from Japanese Perspective ※ Short-term
India DAS, Sudipta PhD Candidate, Visva-Bharati University Japanese India-Japan Collaboration: One Hundred Years from the Meiji Restoration Reitaku University
India HUDSON, Peter Joy PhD Candidate, University of Delhi Japanese Political Economy The State, Society and Business: The Political Economy of the Nuclear Energy Industry in Japan Aoyama Gakuin University
Nepal GHIMIRE, Him Lal Assistant Professor, Board of Director. Rehdon College (Affiliated to Tribhuvan University) Pilgrimage Tourism/Statistics Economics of Buddhist Pilgrimage: A Comparison of Lumbini, Nepal and Shikoku, Japan Nanzan Institute for Religion & Culture, Nanzan University
Pakistan KAKEPOTO, Hamadullah Director, University of Sindh Sociology Chinese Military Buildup its Implications for Japan ※ Short-term
Sri Lanka HETTIGE DON, Karunaratne Professor and Head, University of Colombo Economics Promotion of Japan-Sri Lanka Business Relations through Sri Lankan Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Japan The University of Tokyo

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