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The Japan Foundation provides the Japanese-Language Course (JF language course) targeting the general public at our overseas offices and some other venues around the globe in 28 cities as of October 2020. Approximately 15,000 people studied Japanese through the JF language course in 2019.

The JF language course offers a new type of Japanese-language courses in compliance with the JF STANDARD FOR JAPANESE-LANGUAGE EDUCATION (*), which defines Japanese language proficiency, level classification, goal setting, evaluation methods, and others. We expect the JF language course to be a good model of Japanese-language education, which leads to improving the educational environment for learners and teachers. We hope the JF language course enables us to welcome a larger number of Japanese learners.

*For more details on the "JF STANDARD FOR JAPANESE-LANGUAGE EDUCATION" , please visit here.
The advantages of the JF language course are as follows.

1. Distinctive High-Quality Education of the Japan Foundation

The JF language course is based on experiences and know-how of the Japan Foundation, which has been promoting Japanese-language education overseas over the years. Teachers having completed our training courses design the syllabus and conduct classes. Based on the level of the JF STANDARD FOR JAPANESE-LANGUAGE EDUCATION, learners’ Japanese-language proficiency can be evaluated with can-do-statements, which describe what the learners can do in Japanese. This encourages the learners to establish a concrete goal to be realized.

2. Learn Japanese Culture as well as Language

Photo of Japanese language course

To improve communication skills, both competence in accomplishing tasks and competence in intercultural understanding are required. The JF language course has prepared textbooks “Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture” to learn Japanese society and culture as well as Japanese language. This aims to develop competence in accomplishing tasks in Japanese and furthermore to have Japanese learners feel familiar to people living in the Japanese society.

3. Diverse Cultural Experience and Exchange Programs

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The JF language course provides a wide range of events to feel the touch of Japanese culture such as music, film, art and cuisine, the latest information on Japan, and cultural exchange programs out of classroom by making the most use of advantages of the Japan Foundation as an institution to comprehensively implement international cultural exchanges. Through such cultural experience activities, participants of the JF language course can broaden their perspective on Japanese culture and understand the culture more deeply.

JF Language Course around the world (As of October 2020)

 Western Europe(Rome,Cologne,Madrid,Paris) Eastern Europe(Budapest,Almaty,Moscow,Nur-Sultan,Kiev,Bishkek,Tashkent) Middle East/ Africa(Cairo) South Asia(New Delhi) East Asia(Seoul,Ulan Bator) Southeast Asia(Jakarta,Hanoi,Bangkok,Ho Chi Min City,Manila,Vientiane,Kuala Lumpur,Phnom Penh) Oceania(Sydney) North America(Toronto,Los Angels) Latin America(Mexico City,Sao Paulo)

The JF Language Course Site List (As of October 2020)
Region Country City Organizer

East Asia

Korea Seoul The Japan Foundation, Seoul
Mongolia Ulan Bator Mongolia-Japan Center
Southeast Asia Indonesia Jakarta The Japan Foundation, Jakarta
Cambodia Phnom Penh Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center
Thailand Bangkok The Japan Foundation, Bangkok
The Philippines Manila The Japan Foundation, Manila
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur
Vietnam Hanoi The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam
Ho Chi Min City
Laos Vientiane Laos-Japan Human Resource Development Institute
South Asia India New Delhi The Japan Foundation, New Delhi
Oceania Australia Sydney The Japan Foundation, Sydney
North America Canada Toronto The Japan Foundation, Toronto
USA Los Angeles The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles
Latin America Mexico Mexico City The Japan Foundation, Mexico
Brazil Sao Paulo The Japan Foundation, Sao Paulo
Western Europe Italy Rome The Japan Cultural Institute in Rome
Germany Cologne The Japan Cultural Institute in Cologne
France Paris The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris
Spain Madrid The Japan Foundation, Madrid
Eastern Europe Hungary Budapest The Japan Foundation, Budapest
Russia Moscow The Japanese Culture Department “Japan Foundation” of the All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature
Ukraine Kiev Ukraine-Japan Center
Uzbekistan Tashkent The Uzbekistan-Japan Center For Human Development
Kazakhstan Almaty Kazakhstan-Japan Center
Kyrgyz Republic Bishkek Kyrgyz Republic-Japan Center for Human Development
Middle East/ Africa Egypt Cairo The Japan Foundation, Cairo

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